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What To Wear In 50 Degree Temperature To Keep Your Body Cool 

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Everyone knows that summer season is here and it’s a good time to make sure you are wearing the right clothes to keep your body temperature regulated.Body temperature is affected by various factors like age, health, gender and physical condition.Doctors recommend wearing appropriate clothes in hot and cold weather conditions. This will help you to fulfil your daily activities without much trouble.

Want to keep cool in the summer but don’t know what to wear? You can end your search here. In this article, you’ll learn how to dress for hot summer days, in 50 degree temperature! I’m here to help you dress comfortably and appropriately as the temperature rises.

Here’re 7 ways to combat this hot weather by wearing loose clothing that keeps your body cool and dry.

Without any delay! Let’s get started

1. Maxi Dress

Source: Instagram

It’s only March, but it already feels like summer. If you’re not a fan of the heat, you’ll be pleased to learn that we have some advice for keeping cool this summer. We’ve rounded up the best dresses to keep you cool in the hot weather. Fortunately maxi dresses are still on trend in 2022. There are a ton of combinations, so you can find one that fits and flatters your body. 

Find a silhouette that works for you and wear the maxi dress to keep you cool and comfortable this summer. You can find a bunch of them. If you wanna wear light clothes this summer, then that’s totally fine. That’s even great because no one wants to feel sweaty. 

2. Floral Maxi Gown

Floral Maxi Gown
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This floral dress is very lightweight. This is like a maxi slast beach cover-up.  But again, it’s gonna keep you very cool and completely covered. 

This one even has sleeves so it covers your arms as well. You have got the coverage that you need without sacrificing comfort or without being too hot. Which is the idea. By the way, if your issue is more covering up your arms in the summers then you can wear striped tops too. 

3. Maxi Skirts

maxi skirts
Source: Instagram

The next combination says when you don’t want to wear out shorts in the heat or maybe you don’t want to wear a long full dress. You wanna wear it separately. Something maybe is slightly more casual. So you can wear a maxi skirt. Floral maxi skirt would be a good pick up. 

Crop off shoulder top is always a great silhouette to go for. It’s very flattering. If you are looking for a maxi skirt, which is a light and airy option to cover your legs in the heat, then this works best for you.

The floral print is a little bit trickier. Especially because you’re placing that on the lower half. It depends on your body and your proportions. But if your lower half is your bigger half, then it may be tricky to put a big print on your lower half. You can choose a nice vertical striped print. 

You may find these clothes to stay cool when it’s hot like Texas, Florida, California wherever you are in 50 degree plus temperature. You need to be cool. You don’t wanna burn up in the heat. So you can pair this skirt with a white short sleeved bodysuit. 

4. Midi Skirt

What To Wear In 50 Degree Temperature
Source: Instagram

Your next option when you want to stay cool and covered In the heat is to wear a midi skirt. This skirt is not gonna provide you as much coverage as a maxi skirt or a maxi dress. But still it covers most of your legs. So it’s a good option if you are ok with your calves showing and ankle showing. You can wear a very bright, happy, sunny skirt. 

5. Ruffle Hem Midi Skirt

Ruffle Hem Midi Skirt
Source: Instagram

You can wear this skirt with subtle ruffle hem detail at one side. So any of the skirts that you buy for hot weather, a stylish maxi skirt is the best option if you pair them with the White Tee. Especially when it’s just during the day or when you are out kicking around, running errands.

Styling Tip

A White Tee will give you coverage. It always has sleeves, but it breathes. You’re not gonna be overheated in it. but whenever you feel like you sweat a lot and you are worried about sweating through the Tee, white tee works like a tank that absorbs some of that sweat. 

Ruffle hem midi skirt is a simple combination that you can definitely recreate. It’s an alternative to wearing shorts in the summertime. 

6. Ankle Pants

 Ankle Pants For Women
Source: Instagram

A pair of trousers that covers all of your legs. But you’re going to pick a fabric that’s breathable and light. That’s the key. You don’t want anything thick and heavy during summers. Probably you want a lighter colour too. So here you can go with a linen jogger or ankle pants. 

They are very lightweight or linen is very breathable fabric. It’s very cool and keeps your skin cool and fresh. The only thing about linen you may not like is that you have to steam it or you have to iron it. Otherwise it just looks messy. You may definitely get away from creases if you jog in a darker colour.

7. Light Shaded Loose Cotton Pants

Light Shaded Loose Cotton Pants
Source: Instagram

Again these pairs give you that coverage that you need and you want. In hot weather without wearing shorts you can still look cute, modern and trendy. Wear it for a daytime while doing errands or doing anything you like.

8. Wide Leg Trousers

Wide Leg Trousers
Source: Instagram

The wide-leg pants have a lot more flow or it’s possible that you’ll wear a fit and flare. You might have them cropped as you like to wear them. They are available in full length and in many different colours. Again, the fabric will play an important role.

Anything that is too hefty for the summer season will not work well. If you look for a breathable, lightweight gauzy fabric that will keep you cool during the summer, then colourful wide leg trousers are the best option this summer.

9. Sleeveless Tops

 sleeveless tops
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Most women would prefer to wear sleeveless tops during summers, which makes it very easy to wear and keep cool. These tops are also extremely fashionable and attractive, so they will look great on anyone who wears them.

10. Princes Polly Dress

 princes polly dress
Source: Instagram

This is the perfect dress for summer. It’s light and airy, with a trendy balloon sleeve style that you can wear effortlessly with your favourite sandals and sunglasses.

This dress is quite short in length but its flowy print definitely works for dresses of all lengths. This dress has a bonus point because it is made up of cotton and linen fabrics. 

You can go with different colours and prints. Cotton and linen fabrics dresses are very easy to wash and they take very less time to dry. They are very comfortable and you will love to wear them in summers as they do not stick to your skin.

Styling Tip

For a dressier look, choose an A-line silhouette with a belt and pair with pumps. Or for a more laid-back look, opt for a sundress that can handle a picnic in the park or an impromptu trip to the beach.


Be Fashionable! Although whatever the temperature is, you need to be glowy, modern and trendy. To wear really breathable fabric, the two that are best for cotton and linen. These are super breathable and they are gonna absorb moisture and not trap it on your skin. Which is gonna make you feel super hot. You want to avoid synthetic materials but for the most part if you stick to cotton and linen all your outfits will be super breathable.   

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