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7 Simple Sharara Suit Design 2022 With Easy hairstyles

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Hii dear ladies, I know all of you are trying to create a different look at festivals, occasions, and parties. But there are a variety of dresses and you get confused to choose the best one.

If there is any option left after saree and suit then it is sharara. Sharara is a dress which you can wear at festivals, occasions. Sharara dresses are old dresses but it is still very famous in the fashion world. Heavy and simple sharara, both are perfect for ethnic wear.

Why you should wear a sharara suit?

There are four solid reasons why you should wear a sharara suit.

  1. If you have belly fat, shararas will suit you well.
  2. If you have thick thighs and heavy bottoms, shararas are for you.
  3. If you are generous breasted, sharara suits will be looking good on you.
  4. Even if you struggle with height, shararas suits looking beautiful on you.

I will be sharing 7 types of sharara looks with you and all are different in designs and fits. I’ll be sharing tips on choosing shararas according to body type.

I’ll be sharing amazing tips on hairstyles that look beautiful on you and also give you tips on jewelry and footwear.

Now, we are talking about the 7 latest sharara suit design in 2021.

1.Teal Green sharara dress 

Teal Green sharara suit



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Teal green has a sweetheart neck, sleeveless, and flared hem. The peplum style of this top takes attention away from the tummy area.

Another thing that I like about this top is that it starts flaring from the waist. So, it defines the waist and draws attention to the slimmer part of the body.

This top has an open and sweetheart neckline that helps to define your neckline beautifully and generously breasted girls can rock this style as well.

The length of the top is decent enough. It covers the hips and the upper thighs and looks supremely elegant.

Styling tips

If you want to look classy then you should style up your sharara suit like this model. Just wear any golden earrings and style the overall look with attractive sunglasses.

  • Hairstyle For Sharara Suit

You can easily go with simply straight hairs with this type of sharara suit. It is a simple and easy-to-do hairstyle when you don’t have much time. 

If you have time, then you can go with middle parting curly hairs. It is a super easy hairdo that saves your time and looks stunning.

  • Lipstick

personally, if I wear a teal green colored dress then I use brown and red lipstick. Because both colors are best to complement teal green color.

  • Jewelry

Teal color is the most loved color of all women worldwide and you should accessorize it with metallic jewelry. Golden jewelry helps to add a rich outlook to your dress-up and makes you look gorgeous.

  • Footwear

I prefer to wear heels with sharara because my height is a little short so when sharara touches the ground then heals help to overcome its length. It creates a very beautiful look and the illusion of height.

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 2.Solid Black Sharara suit with Dupatta

Solid Black Sharara suit with Dupatta



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Black is my favorite color for all outfits. This A-line knee-length kurta with sequinned detail and has a tie-up neck is the best option for all types of occasions and festivals.

It looks so classy for weddings and festivals. Its style almost the same as the above sharara suit. Rakhi festival is coming soon, you can carry this on Rakhi festival.

Styling tips

  •  Girlish Hairstyle With Sharara Suit

If you want to carry this dress-up on Rakhi, I will suggest you bun hairstyle. you can easily go with messy bun, heigh or lower bun also.

A side-partition bun hairstyle is also a great option for a sharara suit and looks classy & elegant.

  • Lipstick

Red with a blue undertone will look beautiful & classy with a black dress. The red shade is extremely vibrant for black sarees and sharara.

Rosy pink shade is also a good option for a black dress. it looks fabulous in black shade and complements it.

  • Jewelry

The shape of neckline will influence your necklace his black dress has a boat neckline, you can opt for choker and short necklace.It will bring a different look to your dress-up. golden and silver jewelry both are the best options for black color.

  • Footwear

If you want to create a monochromatic look, then you can go with black jutti. High heels are also a good option for this kind of dress-up.

3.Blue & Golden Printed Kurta with Sharara

Blue & Golden Printed Kurta with Sharara



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This type of sharara suit is a good option for routine wear. Blue, golden, and white printed shirt has a round neck, short sleeves, straight hem, side slits.

In summer, we can attend an evening party by wearing this type of stylish kurta. I liked one thing the most about this suit it is made up of cotton, so we can carry it comfortably in our everyday life especially in summers.

Styling tips

  • Easy Hairstyle For Sharara Dress

If you are wearing this kurta in summer, then I would recommend that you style it up with a bun hairstyle. If you are wearing a sharara suit in cool weather then you can make any hairstyle by keeping your hair open.

  • Lipstick

Orange is the best complementary color with blue and it helps to stand out from the crowd. red and nude colors are also a good option for a blue-colored dress.

  • Jewelry

golden-colored jewelry looks gorgeous on blue color. I’m a fan of chunky jewelry and to create a modern look you can go for a chunky necklace and round earrings.It will help to add elegance to your simple kurta and look gorgeous.

  • Footwear

you can go with stylish nude high heels and white-colored heels are also pop up in this blue-colored sharara suit.

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4.Purple Kurta with Sharara

Purple Kurta with Sharara



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Purple A-line kurta, has a stylish decolletage neck, three-quarter sleeves, asymmetrical hem, side slits. its bottom design helps to draw attention away from tummy and waistline.

This top has a round neckline that helps to define your neckline and generously breasted girls can rock this style as well.

Styling tips

  • Hairstyle  For Sharara Dress 

you can go for a lower bun hairstyle like this model because it looks extremely beautiful on this sharara suit. Side-partition bun hairstyle is also a great option and makes you look classy & elegant.

  • Lipstick

Nude, purple, and pink colors are best for the purple shade. I love nude shades, nude is not an exact color it can be tan, white, brown, or beiges.

I like one thing about nude shades, they can go with every lip shape and shade. you just need to find perfect color that suits your skin tone and will help to bold your looks.

  • Jewelry

Silver jewelry is most loving for dark colors like purple, black or green. Silver color pops up with purple and it looks elegant on this sharara suit. Silver jewelry makes you look modern and stylish.

If you have already this dress-up with golden contrast, then you can opt for golden accessories.

  • Footwear

You can opt for jutti and nude heels, it will better option for this kind of dress-up.

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5.Peach embroidery sharara & open hairstyle

Peach embroidery sharara for weddings

This is the most loving shade for winter as well as summer. I love this gorgeous peach embroidery sharara with a little front slit. Carry this lovely Peach Partywear Sharara Suit on occasions, parties, weddings.

Nobody gets eyes off from this pretty sharara suit and this one is the most loving piece for all types of occasions.

The most loving part of this sharara is the colorful embroidery work that makes it so pretty and unique.

Styling tips

  • Hairstyle On Sharara

A side-swept hairstyle is the best option for this type of sharara suit.I prefer an open hairstyle for this suit because its design compliments a simple open hairstyle.

  • Lipstick

Red Lipstick and Deep Maroon is a vibrant color for peachy shade dresses and they would go perfectly with your dress. Mauvy darker nude shade is another option for this peach dress. together.

Dark Brown and Nude shades also the best option for light and peachy shades. This will work amazing on a peach dress and make you look super chic.

If you don’t have peach lipstick, I have a DIY that will help you a lot.

Secret tip

Mix a blush or eyeshadow with vaseline or lip gloss. But it is not long last like a matte lipstick. you can apply this for a short time use.

  • Jewelry

you can opt for gold jewelry and a fancy clutch to look prim proper and polished.

  • Footwear

Golden jutti and nude heels are most loved choices for this get-up.

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6.Simple Sharara Suit Design

Light blue sharara suit 



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This is a superb color for summers and you can try this look on coming soon festival rakhi. This A-line kurta gathering detail at a slimmer body part helps to create curves to your body to look elegant and stylish.

It has a round neck, sleeveless styling, flared hem, and tie-up detail at the back to look even more attractive and stylish. This designer sharara suit is best for weddings and occasions.

If you are looking for the latest sharara suit design 2021, so there can be no better choice than this light blue Punjabi sharara suit.

Styling tips

  • Hairstyle with sharara Suit

If you are looking for a classy look on this sharara, you can opt for a side braided lower bun.This hairstyle looks so pretty it will look traditional as well as modern.

  • Lipstick

Pale pinkish lipstick is the best option for a light blue dress. Almond, caramel, or olive skin tone girls opt for pale pink color. I love most pale pinkish lipstick because it goes well on dark blue and light blue color.

Velvet pink colored lipstick is another great option for a blue dress.It goes well on your dress and makes you look super chic and classy.

Dusty rose shade is another good option that’ll complement the subtle light blue sharara suit.

  • Jewelry

As we see, the color of sharara is subtle and quite plain, so I prefer to uplift this look with silver jewelry. If you want to create a party look, you can opt for a silver choker or long necklace.

They both compliment this light blue sharara suit and tyle up your whole look with stylish silver earrings. 

  • Footwear

Jutti is the best option for this kind of sharara suit design but if your height is short, you can wear any nude shade heels in its place.

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7.Baby pink floral sharara suit

This gorgeous yet classic sharara suit is a perfect choice for all occasions. The floral print adds proper sophistication to this beautiful designer sharara suit.

This Baby pink floral sharara suit is a perfect choice for a daytime function and its lightweight elegant design easy to carry.It looks amazing in almost all types of body shapes.

Styling tips

  • Hairstyle for sharara dress

Any type of open hairstyle, it may be straight hairs, curls, bouncy hairs all are a good option for this type of sharara suit. 

  • Lipstick

Neutral & warm colors are the best choice for baby pink color. Burgundy and dark red lipstick is a compliment to this light pink shade.

  • Jewelry

If you like carrying bohemian, silver, and oxidized jewelry, you can opt for it. This will helps to make a style statement and will enhance your look.

  • Footwear

A pair of nude or beige-colored heels and sleepers will help emphasize your baby pink sharara suit. You can opt for golden footwear, it may be jutti, heels, and sleepers anything that you like most.

What is next?

Dear friends, I hope you love my article 7 Simple Sharara Suit Design 2021 With Easy hairstyles“.Tell me in the comment section which sharara suit design you like most and which styling tip will help a lot.

If you like reading my article, please subscribe to my blog so that you can update my latest article and share your opinion with me in the comment box.

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Thanks for reading!


Which is the trendy hairstyle for the sharara suit?

Open hairstyles, side partition hairstyles with tikka,side-partition bun hairstyles, loose curls with front partition, high bun, low bun on sharara suit are most loved and trendy hairstyles for weddings, or all Indian occasions, etc.

How do you style a sharara dress?

You can style a sharara dress in different ways. The crop top is the most loved and most trendy piece to style with a sharara dress. It looks fabulous on you. If you are creating a traditional look then long Kurti or short Kurti both are the best options and give you an attractive look that helps you to stand out from the crowd.

How do you accessorize a simple sharara suit?

You can opt for bohemian, oxidized jewelry, golden and silver jewelry, long beaded necklaces. These are the best pieces to accessorize a simple sharara suit.

Which fabric is best for a simple sharara suit design?

Silk, Organza, Georgette are the best fabrics for a simple sharara suit. Those types of fabric are mostly used in the sharara suits that are made for weddings and festivals.

Can we wear a Sharara suit at the wedding?

Yes, you can wear a sharara suit at a wedding or any other occasion. Sharara suit is one of the best dresses to carry on the wedding day.

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