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Effortless Ways To Style Punjabi suits On Raksha Bandhan 2021

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Hii friends, I hope you are doing well. Rakhi festival is coming soon so I thought why not write an article on a last-minute look at Rakhi festival. so what was it? I planned a photo shoot and started preparing for the article. Rakhi is a festival celebrated in every corner of India.

punjabi outfit ideas on raksha bandhan

The people of all the states celebrate this festival by wearing their traditional clothes. I belong from Punjab state that’s why I come with the styling of Punjabi suit on this Raksha Bandhan 2021.

I love solid colors and both white & black are my favorite colors. I love these colors because we can easily pair them up with most of our outfits. you will see a good example of this by scrolling my photos in this blog.

I am very excited to share my styling tips with you on this Raksha Bandhan 2021 so, without any delay let’s get started.

My first look is……..

1.Black Suit With Embroidered Dupatta

Black Suit With Embroidery Fulkari

In, this look I’m wearing this pretty black suit with an embroidered dupatta from the Shree brand. a few days back I visit the local market to buy some tops and Kurtis. there is I visited Shree Brand’s showroom for Kurtis. they had put this dupatta in the display window and I liked this dupatta very much from the first time. I bought this dupatta and feel so happy after getting it.

I had no thought that with which suit I will carry this dupatta. I was thinking in my mind was that I will carry this embroidered dupatta with a plain suit. I stitched a dark green silk palazzo suit and carrying the pretty dupatta with it.

When I was preparing the lookbook for Rakhi, a thought came to my mind that why not carry this multicolored embroidered dupatta with a black suit because their combination is also going to look very different and attractive.

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You can see in the above photo, how this black suit looks so beautiful and is the perfect pair for this Raksha Bandhan.

How to Accessorise black suit:

Golden earrings and a golden necklace are the best choices for a black dress. I wore these big hoop earrings with baby pink beads and Jhumki. they look so classy and outstanding with Indo western looks.

How To Accessorise Black Suit

The rounded cut work neckline of the suit is looking very pretty. I don’t think you need to add a heavy necklace with it. if you want to add more accessories to this dress-up, you can opt for a necklace and golden chains.

Hairstyles for Raksha Bandhan 2021:

Braided hairstyles are on Trend and they look extra smart and gorgeous on Indian dresses as well as western dresses. when there is no idea in your mind that which hairstyle to carry on occasions, then you can opt for this type of braided hairstyle with Indian dresses. it is very easy and simple to hairdo and looks gorgeous.

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Lipstick with black suit or dress:

Red, Rosy Pink, and nudes are the best color options for a black dress, black Punjabi suit, and sharara suits.

Nailpaint with black suit or dress:

Red, pink, golden, silver, and yellow are the best color options for a black Punjabi suit.

How to style Phulkari in 3 ways:

1.Side dupatta draping

You can saw this in the very first photo of the blog, in this photo I dropped the dupatta from the side and it looks so classy and attractive. this drape styling is the easiest one to give a royal touch to the whole outfit.

2.Dupatta draping over elbows 

dupatta draping For Raksha Bandhan 2021

3.Flowy draping around neck & chest

Flowy Draping Around Neck & Chest

4.Dupatta draping around the neck 

Dupatta draping around neck 

Now my next look is……

Black suit with multi-colored dupatta


Multi-colored dupatta is a must-have piece for every women’s wardrobe. you can pair a multi-color dupatta with a plain suit of every color. I paired this multicolored dupatta with this suit at my brother’s wedding.

I got a lot of compliments on this dress-up that from where did you get this dupatta, the design of this dupatta is very good, its color looks very beautiful with this black suit, etc.

How I style this dupatta in 3 different ways

1.Dupatta draping around shoulders

dupatta draping around shoulders

This dupatta draping is so easy and almost all Punjabi girls and women love to drape the dupatta in this style. if you are not a lover of deep front necklines, then go for this draping style. its side white Kanni adds more glam to it and looks so classy and fashionable.

2.Dupatta Draping Around Shoulder & Elbow

Dupatta Draping Around Shoulder & Elbow

How I Accessorize this Look….??

Here’s my Silver Jewellery Collection For Rakhi 2021

Silver Jewellery Collection For Rakhi 2021

I love silver jewelry,  western and Indian dresses are paired very beautifully with silver chunky jewelry. silver jewelry gives a very finished look to solid-colored outfits.

Earring styling tip

Long Silver Earrings With Black Suit

If your face is round and you want to add an illusion of oval face shape then you can go with long earrings. round earrings are the perfect piece for oval face shape and round face shape too.

Bun Hairstyle

As we know that Rakhi is a festival coming in the summer season and the weather is very hot on the day of Rakhi. so why not we try such hairstyles which we can make easily and keep us comfortable.

1.Braided Bun hairstyle

Braided Bun Hairstyle On Raksha Bandhan 2021

In the above photo, I style up my hair with side braids and a simple bun. it looks gorgeous and will get more compliments on Raksha Bandhan. you can see silver jewelry ads more charm to this simple look.

Make-up Tip: 

On a black suit, you can go with golden shade make-up and nude make-up looks both are good options with solid colors like black and navy. I have used golden and orange eyeshadow to create this look and use red lipsticks to pop up the complete look. I used plain eyeliner to make me look more classy but you can opt for winged eyeliner and caty eyes.

My favorite and last look of this blog is…….

Amritsari phulkari dupatta with this Black suit

Amritsari Phulkari Dupatta With This Black Suit

I love this embroidered phulkari dupatta, I have bought it from looks so pretty and gives you a traditional Punjabi look. The golden lace of this phulkari dupatta adds extra charm to it and looks so attractive and fashionable. Phulkari is designed by handwork. the fabric of this phulkari is very comfortable and easy to wear.

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Amritsari Phulkari Dupatta Side Draping

Amritsari Phulkari Dupatta Side Draping

Phulkari is looking so attractive in both side draping as well as shoulder draping. I styled this look with golden is the perfect look for Punjabi occasions, marriages, and parties. you can opt for this dress-up on Jaggo and ladies sangeet.

Secret Tip:

Detailed Kurta With Pant Palazzo

There are many girls who do not like to wear a heavy dupatta, not feel comfortable with, don’t worry I have an idea for those who love to wear suits, kurtas but don’t want to create a completely traditional look.

This pretty kurta with pant palazzo looks so classy and statement pair for your everyday look as well as party look. you can pair it up with a jacket and denim in winter. statement necklines are the best choice to create this type of look.

What is next?

Ladies, what are your thoughts on this and what would you try on Raksha Bandhan 2021?

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Whichever best part of my blog you like, let me know by commenting and if you don’t like anything, then let me know so that I can make those necessary changes that will improve the quality of my content even more.

Wishing you all a very Happy Rakshabandhan, may this festival of Rakhi bring lots of happiness to you and your family.

If you want to know how I celebrated this Rakshabandhan, which dress up I wore on the day of Rakshabandhan, then please write yes in the comment section.

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