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How did Tamil actress Pooja Hegde get such an amazing glow?

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Pooja Hegde’s skincare and haircare routine you need to know You must be thinking the same thing I did when I first saw her interview – Wow, what a simple & effortless life she has!

The Bollywood bombshell Pooja Hegde is famously known for its flawless skin, good genes, and ridiculously long eyelashes. But there is a procedure behind it!

Now that Pooja Hegde’s beauty secrets are out, it’s time to check what are her skincare and haircare essentials. Skincare and haircare do not only define your looks but it gives an insight into your personality, what’s the first thing that gets noticed in a person.

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Image Source: Instagram

Pooja Hegde is one of the highest-profiled and famed models of India. Along with that fame, she’s also made a name for herself as a huge beauty junkie so it comes as no surprise that we’re talking about Pooja Hegde today.

Pooja Hegde has been famous for her killer curves, smoky eyes in past years but more recently we’ve seen her being completely natural on social media. She has been regularly flaunting her hair and skincare routine.

Here’s Pooja’s skincare and haircare routine, complete with price information.

Skin Care Routine Of Pooja Hegde

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Image Source: Instagram

Did you know that Pooja Hegde is not a fan of makeup? She revealed that she likes keeping herself away from makeup as much as possible.

in an interview pooja, Hegde revealed that “The only thing I do is, I make sure I take off my makeup before I go to sleep.

She said that “I think when I used to put a lot of makeup, a lot of people came up to me and said, “Oh my God, you look so different from what you look on-screen” and that’s something that kind of really stuck with me like really, I look a lot different but I wanna be myself”

She also reveals that, In Housefull, in fact, where we were playing Rajkumaris (Princesses) I barely have any makeup being a total tomboy when I first came into the industry, I really didn’t know how to apply makeup. I was that girl who never cared about makeup. Didn’t really apply it, didn’t know what mascara is.”

“I have to like admit that I am really, really lazy about my skincare routine. The only thing I do is, make sure that I take off my makeup before I go to sleep that’s something I do diligently.”

Pooja Hegde doesn’t apply makeup on herself as much anymore. And we’re loving her completely natural look these days! Pooja’s no-makeup selfie has got quite a few of us going green with envy!

Pooja also disclosed that she suffers from eczema and must moisturize her skin on a regular basis. Her skincare routine consists of drinking a lot of water and constantly moisturizing her skin.

Pooja also says that “Even if I have a little bit of freckle or something, it’s really okay, and she likes keeping herself away from makeup as much as possible”.

Haircare Routine Of Pooja Hegde

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While sharing her skincare routine, Pooja told that “no hair oil can be better for our hair scalp than coconut oil.” Because coconut oil has many benefits, one, it removes dandruff, and secondly, it nourishes our skin so that our hair gets strengthened from the root.

Pooja also reveals that “We are into these fancy products and after some time I am reading this article about how Victoria’s Secret models are having a spoon of virgin coconut oil first thing when they get up, they are having a teaspoon or a tablespoon of coconut oil and I am just like really. That’s what they are saying that it helps cleanse their skin”.

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