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Effortless way to get instant glow with olay natural white cream (Secret)

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Hello friends, I hope you all are well. today m talking about a little bit different topic than my other blog posts. I’m going to a product review of Olay natural white cream. 

After watching the commercials, I was a little bit excited to try this  Olay natural white fairness day cream. 

Overview of Olay natural white cream

The triple nutrient formula of this cream excites me to use it and share the results with my audience. Olay natural white cream is a beauty breakthrough, for a noticeably whiter and brighter complexion in just one week.


it contains vitamin B3 (it helps to increase the rate of skin renewal), vitamin E, Provitamin B5 (best for skin hydration), Niacinamide, and Triple nutrient formula that helps to moisturize and nourishes the skin from deep.

7 Benefits for your skin

 1.Lighten skin tone

2. Brightens dull skin

3. Reduce dark spots

4. Evens skin tone

5. Moisturises 

6. nourishes the skin from deep

7. sun protection

Price and quantity

Tube(20 gm): 99/- 

Tub(50 gm): 292/-

olay natural white cream

My experience

A weak ago, I order the Olay natural white cream for myself. I order its tube packing and start using it in the daytime.

The texture of the olay cream is light and non-greasy and thus it suits well on my skin type. It absorbs quickly leaving my face moisturized. One tube will last for you around 1 to 1.5 months.

This cream gets absorbed within seconds. After application, it gives a matte finish to my face and also controls oil for 2 hours. It instantly brightens my face and adds a noticeable glow too.

I recently started using Olay natural white instant glowing fairness cream. As per the name, instant fairness cream gives an instant glow after applying it. 

It makes a thin white layer on the face after applying it and the face looks even brighter. If used regularly, over the period this cream helps to reduce dark spots and makes skin fair.

But I’m sure this cream will be perfect for people with darker skin tone. One more feature about the product is, it comes in travel-friendly packaging so it can be used while traveling as well.

In India, the summer season starts so when we go from our home weather is too hot and sun rays can damage our skin and make it dull & tan.

So, whenever I’m going to the local market or anywhere in this too hot weather I just use this cream on my skin and it helps to protect my skin from harmful UV radiations.

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olay natural white cream


  • Lightweight and doesn’t feel heavy on the skin
  • It gives us the best nourishing quality 
  • Gives a beautiful instant glow
  •  It Helps reducing dark spots & pimple marks
  •  Travel-friendly packaging
  • Budget-friendly moisturizer cream
  • This cream lightens your skin tone
  • It evens out your skin tone
  • It provides sun protection( to give a healthy-looking glow
  • It nourishes your skin deep within
  • It helps to Regenerates volume and shape across the skin’s 10 million surface cells.

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  • It does not make your skin fair but gives an instant glow to your skin.
  • If you do not blend it properly, it leaves white patches on the skin.
  • Not suitable for dry skin type.
  • It does not give good results in the winter season.

My opinion

  • If your skin is oily, then you can use any other product instead of this product.
  • Olay natural white cream is the best option for normal to dry skin type.
  • According to my experience, It is one of the best skin whiting creams at an affordable price. It might work wonders for you too!!
  • It protects your skin from the harmful effects of UV radiation with 24 SPF( sun protection factor).

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Will I Recommend Olay natural white cream?

Yes, Olay natural white cream perfect for people with normal to dry skin. Meet your new beauty secret. Olay natural white cream, personalized for your skin tone.

With one drop, it targets discoloration (one shade for light, two shades for medium, or three shades for tan) where you need it. It Delivers a fade of 4 shades in just one week.

According to my point of view, Unless you use a product, how will we know about it?


Q.1 Instead of the moisturizer can I use Olay Natural White cream?

Yes, we can use olay Natural White cream instead of moisturizer because it works well as a moisturizer. It works like a combination of BB cream, moisturizer, sunscreen in one. 

Olay Natural White cream can temporarily leave a white cast on the skin just like sunscreens do, but after a couple of minutes, it settles down. 

After application, it gives a matte finish to your face and also controls oil for 2 hours. It instantly brightens your face and adds a noticeable glow too.

Q.2 Does moisturizer darken your skin after getting into Sun?

No, a moisturizer does not make your skin dark. Even Moisturizer nourishes your skin and helps to keeps it hydrated.

In some cases, the moisturizer can make your skin look a little darker if your moisturizer is enriched with a high amount of oily & greasy ingredients.

Due to being in the sun for too long, your skin may look darker, so did not stay out in the sun longer.

key point : 

Before choosing a moisturizer, always keep in mind your skin type. The key point is to use the right moisturizer according to one’s skin type.

What is next? 

Dear friends, I hope you love my article “Effortless way to get instant white skin with 7 benefit formula (Secret)

If you have already used this cream then you can share your experience with me because This will help my audience even more.

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