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Affordable Mesmerize India Jewelry Haul| Western Jewelry| Layered Chains

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A few days ago, I was looking for western jewelry for myself and then a site came in front of me, “Mesmerizeindia.com,” and I loved their jewelry assortment. I picked three different types of jewelry necklaces for myself, including two golden necklaces and one beaded necklace.

I thought, why not share my experience with my audience and show you the jewelry collection that I have bought from Mesmerizeindia? Then, I planned a shoot for this western jewelry collection and prepared a blog for my loving audience.

Let’s start without any delay!

First of all, I picked up a pink-colored tank top to go with my high-waisted bell-bottom. Then a thought came to my mind that, “What more can we add on top?” I had a light brown colored denim jacket. Then I paired this denim jacket with pink-colored tank top. Then, as you can see in the photo, this denim was used to create a charming look.

Pink Tank Top With Bell Bottom Jeans

I finished this complete look with a transparent & Black butterfly heel. 

How Do I Accessorize This Look? 

 How To Accessorize Simple Look

Even though each of these necklaces was purchased individually, I wore them together to create a layered necklace appearance. These layered necklaces make this basic outfit splash. But without layering, it also looks good.

How Do I Make-Up To Make This Simple Look Interesting?

Eye makeup is very important to enhance your entire look with less effort. It completely transforms your appearance and makes you look glorious and magnificent. To do good eye makeup, it is very important to know four essential points.

  1. How to choose basic shades
  2. How to Choose the Perfect Color for Your Outfit
  3. How to use blend brushes
  4. How to apply eyeliner properly.

If you understand these four points in depth, you will be able to apply superb eye makeup and look stunning. These four techniques were also used to complete eye makeup.

First and foremost, you must use an eyebrow palette to fill in your brows. With the help of an angled brush, you can easily fill your brows. A light brown hue is ideal for filling in your brows.

After that, I used the eye concealer to create a decent base for my eyes. It assists me in concealing pigmentation in a sophisticated manner. I set my concealer with the help of loose powder.

If you want to make sharp edges, then you can put cello tape in the outer corner of the eyes. Then I fill up my outer side-eye with black eye shadow and blend it nicely. After that, I put light pink eyeshadow on the rest of my eyelids and blended it well.

On the upper inner corner of my eyes, I apply a rose gold hue. After that, I applied liner and mascara to my eyelids to complete my eye makeup. Now my easy-to-do eye makeup is finished.

Here’s my eye make up look

 Simple Eye Make Up Look

How Do I Style A Single Necklace With This Look?

 How Do I Style A Single Necklace With This Look

I told you that I had ordered three necklaces separately, but in the above pictures, I have worn two necklaces by layering them. In the above image, I am wearing a golden necklace. 

Ohh! I forgot to tell you one thing: these necklaces also come with a bracelet. In this image, I am wearing a bracelet and a necklace together. As you can see, this single necklace complements this outfit perfectly.

Why Do I Use Black Studs Instead Of Golden Ones?

The answer to this question is quite interesting. Although I should have worn golden earrings with a golden necklace, it is not complimentary. When it comes to fashion and styling, then you have the option of mixing and matching fashion accessories, outfits, and all. 

That’s why I preferred black studs instead of golden ones. I didn’t have those golden studs that I wanted to wear with this outfit, so I wore black studs. As you can see, they look fantastic in this attire.

My Honest Review Of Mesmrizeindia’s Jewelry Haul

Personally, it was very nice to shop from Mesmerizeindia.com, and the most important thing was the products that I saw in the photos actually provided me with the same items. 

The jewelry’s quality is excellent, and it has an appealing and wonderful aspect. They also provided on-time delivery of the merchandise. I enjoyed shopping on this site and would want to purchase again in the future.

I would also suggest to my audience that if you want to buy jewelry or any type of fashion item, i.e., bags, necklaces, hair accessories, etc., you can visit this site where you can buy a lot of trending fashion items for yourself. 

What is next?

So, we’ve reached the end of this post, the conclusion is that if you enjoy wearing western jewelry, then you can wear it by layering, as it better expresses your style. Jewelry is an essential element of our outfit and it helps to complete the look in a sophisticated manner.

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