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Latest Front & Back designs of blouse for saree(2021)

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Hello there! What are your thoughts on wearing a saree nowadays?! In my opinion, a saree should be worn on every occasion where it is appropriate. What do you think of wearing a saree with a classic old blouse?!

We don’t want to spoil our looks! Therefore, Fashionaminoo is going to give you some blouse designs that will make your saree appear stunning. In India, any woman can be seen wearing a saree outside, yet we sometimes observe that the blouses with classic designs don’t appear as well.

Why don’t we try something new and exciting to impress ourselves? In this article, I’m going to make you scream, “Yessssss I got something I hope you will enjoy it, and if you do, please let me know in the comments.

1.v-neck blouse designs front and back

This one is the best blouse design for occasions as a well daily day-to-day lifestyle. this beautiful printed silk saree is pop with this beautiful v neck blouse. this combination is perfect for all Indian occasions like haldi, mehndi, and all. golden clutch and golden jewelry make it so pretty and elegant.

2.Black colored Front & back blouse designs for sarees

This beautiful back neck design comes with a broad u-shaped neck with a Dori looks gorgeous and modest on all gives a beautiful hot look with a simple boarded is the best option for border sarees. collar neck blouse

pink collar neck blouse is the best option for the back design of blouse for lehenga or saree both. this collar neck pretty blouse design looks so attractive with a choker. It is suitable for all festive occasions, looks so stylish and modern on you.

4.Designer back neck blouse design 2021

designer back neck blouse 2021

This is one of the trendy back blouse designs 2021 on this list. There can be no better blouse for everyday life than such a beautiful back design blouse. this look is worth it for all Indian parties and special occasions.

5.Flared neck blouse designs front and back

flared neck blouse designs front and back

The front design of the blouse is deep and the back neck is beautiful flared with dory. this extremely appealing design looks so hot and sexy from the back. This gorgeous blouse includes a highly attractive back neck design and looks so pretty on your all looks.

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6.Black front Neck Design 2021 with net saree

Beautifully designed square neck blouse design with net sleeves looks so gorgeous. this beautiful monochromatic look keeps you stand out in the crowd. golden is a complimentary color with this beautifully designed net blouse design.

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7.Boat neck blouse front & back 2021

boat neck blouse with front and back

This beautifully designed plain boat neck designer blouse looks so pretty with this floral printed saree. To make it look unique and trendy this plain blouse, carry it with golden or chunky jewelry. if somebody loves plain blouse designs, then this could be a better option.

8.Tassel design deep back neck blouse

pink tessel blouse with deep back neck

this gorgeous deep neck blouse design looks amazing with hanging cloth looks hot from the back. if you have a tattoo on your back, then this blouse design gives you an attractive look on all occasions.

9.Sweetheart shape front neck designer blouse

heart shape front neck design

It looks so beautiful if you wanna create a hot look with a deep heart shape front neck grabs the attention of people on your beautiful neck design. This embellished Front neck blouse design is the perfect piece for weddings and grand events to look spunky.

10.Round front deep neck blouse

front deep neck blouse design

This simple round neck blouse is really beautiful, its material is super comfortable. The fall of the saree and border matches perfectly.this evergreen neck design suits well on all saree look.

11.Embroidered Blouse front & back Neck Design

embroidered blouse fron and back neck design

This blouse is one of the most beautiful blouse designs on this looks so hot with this yellow dotted is the perfect piece for all Indian occasions. You can wear this blouse with lehengas, skirts, and sarees too.

12.Floral printed front neck designer blouse 2021

printed front boat neck blouse design

Printed blouse with chiffon saree looks extra magnificent. this front neck blouse design is made for chiffon sarees to look gorgeous and stunning all the helps to add more beauty to your simple is a great option for daily wear.

13.sleeveless blouse design front and back

This beautiful sleeveless blouse design front and back look so cute and super chic. I love this pretty color maroon with golden contrast. this gorgeous designer blouse is a perfect match for night parties and other festivals. The color of this blouse design helps to look super chic and hot with golden contrast.

14.Box strippy designer blouse back and front

Box strippy designer blouse back and front


This embellished blouse perfectly matches with light sarees. Even if you try something as minimal as a box neck blouse, then it will look magnificent and is the perfect dress for evening parties. its unique and simple style makes your look more even attractive and elegant.

15.Decorative latest blouse designs front and back 2021

latest blouse designs front and back

This blouse design is one of the trendy pieces on this list of designer blouses. fitting of this blouse is so attractive and it is not heavy so can be worn on any occasion. I love so much this pretty designer blouse, its strips add an extra attractive and hot look to it. one thing, I like the most about this blouse, is its color. its solid black color is easily paired up with all sarees.

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