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7 quick & easy tips on how to look polished all the time

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Hello friend how are you all I hope you’re all well?  So Friends, today I have brought 7 tips on “ How to look polished all the time”  that will help you look more polished and put together. The meaning of this word “polished or put together” in our daily life is very important because if we take important steps to look polished and attractive then we will feel even more confident and stronger.

how to look polished and put together all the time

I have brought some simple tips and tricks that will not only make you look polished but will improve your styling even more and will give you an attractive look. you can easily be inculcated these tips in your daily life. these tips will help you look more polished and put together at your office, college, and workplace.

all these tips are the solution to our daily life problems and I collect these tips from my daily life experiences and I hope you find these tips helpful and can add them to your daily routine.

let’s start with our hair care routine, what we do daily for our hair, and what we should do, we will discuss it at a very first point, so let’s start without any delay

1.Quick hair care & styling tips

If you go to the office every day, go to college or if you are doing work from home, then making a bun is a very good option for all of you. it takes less time to make a bun and your hair also looks put together.

quick hair care & styling tips

Personally, if I talk about myself, I like to keep my hair open rather than a bun. So there will be more girls like me who would like to have open hair, then I’d highly recommend them to apply hair serum to the lower ends of the hair. hair serum makes my hair healthy and shiny.

nowadays hair problems are very common like frizziness, dandruff, and hair fall. to solve those problems I have two easy & quick tips.

* Easy hair spa at home 

easy hair spa at home

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you can apple parachute enrich aloe vera coconut oil on roots and hair length and massage it well. then leave it for 2-3 hours because the goodness of aloe vera and coconut moisturizes your hairs very well. after this, you give steam to your hairs and your spa process is complete.

* Easy steam process at home

easy hair steam at home

take some hot water into a tub and dip a towel into the tub. after this, Squeeze the water from the towel and cover your hair with this squeezed towel. Steam your hair 2-3 times in the same way.

* Oil massage


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wash your hair, atleast twice a week. If you want your hair to be silky, smooth, long, and healthy, then you have to do this oil massage before washing your hair.

#Easy hair oil remedy at home

 take 2-3 onions and grind it with the help of mixy. after this take a cotton cloth and put this onion paste in it. after squeezing it, collect the onion water in a bowl.

take mustard oil or parachute enrich aloe vera coconut oil or olive oil in a bowl and mix it with onion water. If you have too much dandruff in your hair, you can also mix lemon and curry leaves in it.

easy hair oil remedy at home

I use olive oil and I highly recommend using it. just mix four ingredients olive oil, onion water, lemon, or curry leaves. apply this oil every week on your hair and massage it on your scalp regularly for a few softens your hairs and protects your hairs from pollution. you can also go for mustard oil or parachute enrich aloe vera coconut oil.

* Benefits of mustard oil

mustard oil has the right proportion of omega 3 acids and omega 6 fatty is enriched by vitamin E and antioxidants and moistured your hair properly.

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it is a great source of iron, calcium, magnesium, and vitamins and helps to growth of your hairs. it boosts blood circulation and acts as an anti-dandruff. its beneficial properties are proven it is the best oil for hair care.

* Benefits of parachute enrich aloe vera coconut oil

this oil is also best for hair care. it is enriched by the properties of aloe vera and coconut. it nourishes your hair at a deep level and makes your hair silky, smooth, and touchable.

* Benefits of olive oil 

benefits of olive oil

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it is consists of monounsaturated fatty acids which helps to hair growth and strengthen your roots. when you go for a gentle massage with it then it improves blood circulation.

it helps to treat your damaged hair, split ends, and moisture your hair deeply. It’s high oxidant property helps to prevent hair damage and nourishes and conditions the hair, and as a result, it improves the health of hairs. for hair care, it is also one of the best hair care oils.

2.Quick and easy skin care tips

quick and easy skin care tips

No matters what your skin type is, a daily skincare routine is a must for everyone. Whenever we get out of the house, it is common to face problems like pollution.

Pollution affects our skin the most and as a result, we face many skin problems. I recommend you to follow a skincare routine so that your skin will remain naturally healthy and you will also look polished all the time.

my daily skincare routine has four basic steps, You must follow these steps once in the morning and once before sleeping.



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cleansing is very important to have bright and glowing skin. remember one thing , always choose a cleanser that suits your skin best. wash your face every morning with a facial cleanser, mild soaps, raw milk.

if your skin is dry, then you can use coconut oil or olive oil to wash your face and rinse with warm water not hot. if your skin is oily, then you can wash your face with foam and gel cleansers.



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oily skin type- if your skin is oily, then you can go for the serum which contains ingredients like retinol which prone to acne, salicylic acid which used for acne treatment,vitamin-c which boosts skin immunity, Hyaluronic acid which maintains moisture, glycerin which works well for skin whitening, lactic acid which improves skin tone and reduces pore appearance, etc.

Dry skin type- you can go for hydrated and rich moisturized face serums. choose a serum that contains ingredients like glycerin, hyaluronic acid, betaine which prevents wrinkles, panthenol which works as a skin protectant, vitamin c.

Normal skin type- works well with glycolic acid and vitamin- c serum and it keeps skin bright, fresh, and moisturized.



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it is the best choice for every skin type, you can go for moisturizers that suits you is protected from sun rays and keep skin hydrated and healthy. dry skin types go for a heavy and creamy moisturizer. Andalou naturals are the best cream for dry skin and it helps to renew and skin cells.

even oily skin type also needs moisturizer because it helps to reduce oil from the skin and keep it hydrated. oily skin doesn’t need moisturizer, it is a myth nothing else.

4. Sunscreen


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it is the best way to protect your skin from harmful sun rays like UV rays. you can use it every day and protect your creates a barrier between skin and sun and protects from the harmful effects of UV rays on our face.

Apply sunscreen 15-20 minutes before going outdoors like the market, workplace, etc. it is a very important part of your skincare routine. always check the SPF value of sunscreen which is at least 30 SPF. full form of SPF is a sun protection factor.

Quick tips for glowy skin :

quick tips for glowy skin

* add some drops of liquid highlighter to your moisturizer before going outdoor and your skin instantly looks glowy, shiny, and put together all day.

* when you apply foundation on your face, add some drops of liquid highlighter to your also gives an instant glow and plays a very important role in making you look polished and put together.

* girls who have oily and textured skin can apply highlighter strategically on the t-area of the face.

* stay hydrated

Avoid-  girls who have oily skin, don’t use highlighter all over the face. girls who have acne issues, texture skin, or suffer from any skin problem should avoid highlighter all over the face.

3.Take care of your hands

take care of your hands


Hands play a very important role to look polished and put together. I feel when we communicate with someone, then we use our hands to express our thoughts. it’s good if you get manicures regularly but if you don’t do this then take a nail-cutter and push your cuticles a bit towards the back by using a pointy part of a nail cutter.

then, apply your favorite color of nail paint and it makes you look polished and put-together all the time.

Quick tip 

* apply a moisturizer cream on your hands before going to sleep and it makes your hands soft, glowy, and good looking. if you want to look polished then it is very important to have clean, glowy, and good-looking hands.

4.stay fresh the whole day

stay frersh whole day

1.Sleep 6 to 8 hours daily- If your sleeping time is less than 6 hours, then you will not be able to remain energetic full pay attention to your sleeping time and stay healthy, fresh, energetic all day.

2.Exercise or yoga daily- it is a very very important part of our daily life. start your morning with exercise or yoga to stay healthy, fit, and fresh.

3.Brush your teeth twice a day- it is a very important point to stay fresh and healthy.don’t skip it.

4.Wear fragrance-

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always wear fragrance when you are going outdoors like workplace, market, occasion. when you smell good it leaves an impression of look polished all the time.

5.body posture- Set your body postures in the right position. it helps to improve your confidence and your health and also helps to stay fresh all day.

6.Intimate hygiene- first of all, wash your intimate area with hot water and it is extremely important to maintain intimate hygiene. I do not recommend using soap for the intimate area because it is made to maintain the ph of the body, not the vaginal part.


intimate hygiene

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So, I highly recommend was wash your intimate area with hot water or intimate wash. intimate wash like v-wash is the best choice and it helps to balance your vaginal PH and prevents irritation, bad odor, itching, and vaginal infections. my dear girls or women don’t skip and take care of your vaginal hygiene. stay clean and fresh by using the best intimate wash.

7.fresh breath- first of all, don’t skip this point because it can spoil your first impression. now suppose that you’ve proper polished look, the moment when you open your mouth and there’s a whiff of bad destroys your first impression and will make people avoid you.don’t ignore this point because it is very important to look polished,prim and proper all the time.

* Quick tip for your oral health

quick tip for your oral health

put some coconut oil in the mouth and swirl it around 5-10 minutes and spit it out then brush your teeth works well on teeth whiting and gets rid of bad breath.

oil pulling

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oil pulling

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5.create your style

create your style

I have quick tips to create your style and signature look.

1.create your wardrobe capsule- figure out your favorite wardrobe essentials and create a wardrobe will help to look polished and put-together. filling up your closet with unique and styling pieces that help to make you look great, happy, and confident.

2.your wardrobe must-have key pieces- pair of skinny jeans, high waisted jeans, crop tops, best t-shirts, skirts, slacks, blazers, turtle neck. make sure your investment pieces are well-tailored and only made for you.

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3.know your body shape

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4. Always try new things- if you have created a capsule wardrobe then you can go for a mix and match your favorite outfit pieces to create unique, loving, and effortless will help you to show off your unique styling strength.

5.Always wear fitted clothes to look proper and polished.

6.Don’t miss iron your clothes.

6.Make-up hacks

make-up hacks

without make-up, your looks incomplete but every girl not prefers full-face heavy make-up daily basis. so I have some tips and tricks to get rid of this problem of full-face will help you to look polished and put together all the time.

Quick tips

1.Kajal- it is very popular in India, almost every girl likes to apply kajal, and honestly, it works well for works very well to define your eyes and to look prim and polished.

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2.Eyeliner- eyeliner also works well to define your eyes. you can go for the nude liner, winged liner, so figure out what works well on your eyes.


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3.Eyebrow- don’t skip filling your eyebrow because it creates a massive difference to your look. always use a brown pencil to fill your eye-brows and it helps to create a natural look.

eye brow pencil

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4.blush- if you don’t want to spend money on blush, then use a little pink or red lipstick on your cheek and just dab it lightly and create a natural look.


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5.Lipstick- I highly recommend choosing the perfect color of lipstick that works well on your skin tone. add some effort to choose the right color of lipstick that contrasts your skin tone.


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7.Accesories are must

1.Studs- wear statement studs with your outfit and it creates a prim, proper, and polished look. avoid wearing long and heavy earrings especially in the workplace.

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2.Watches- watches are one of my favorite accessories and these look smart and polished. watches can go with the majority of outfits and create a massive difference to your look.

best watch

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3.Necklaces- statement necklace pieces work well on the majority of outfits and create high-end appeal and look attractive, impressive, and polished all the time. layered necklaces are one of the best choices and you can wear them over a t-shirt, shirt, crop top, etc.


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4.Rings- you know we don’t realize that we talk with our hands and hand gestures can help you to communicate better and explain in an effective way what you are talking about. that is why rings are played a vital role to look polished your hands. when you wear ethnic wear you can go with silver rings and golden rings go with western wear very will help your hands to look even more polished and put-together all the time.

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5.Shoes- there are some varieties of shoes which are helping to look polished and choose a perfect pair of shoes is very important to stay comfortable and stylish too. metallic, velvet, leather is luxe shoes and will always look polished and put-together. pointed toe shoes are also given a flattering look and create an illusion of height.


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what is next?

Dear friends, I hope you love my article “7 quick & easy tips on how to look polished all the time.

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