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11 proven techniques how to keep up with fashion trends like Kylie Jenner

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hello friends, how are you? I hope you all are doing well.

today I’m going to show you 11 proven techniques how to keep up with fashion trends like Kylie Jenner. these methods are easy to use that can improve your styling like celebrities.

every fashion lover, celebrity, fashion influencer is using those techniques to keep up with current fashion trends. 

image credit- kylie jenner

if you are a fashion lover then you like to stay up to date with current fashion trends, and curious about what is going in the fashion industry like me.

don’t worry I have many ideas for you to stay up to date with fashion. we know that fashion is that thing which is changes day by day and varies from season to season so it is extremely important to get fresh content about future fashion trends.

lets us start, how do you stay current on fashion trends?

I have 10+ quick and easy tips that help you to stay up to date regarding fashion trends and styles.

1.always watch the fashion show

how to keep up with fashion trends

if you want up to date to with current fashion trends then a fashion show is a really important factor to stay aware of the latest clothing trends.

new york fashion week is a great source of stay ahead of fashion trends. 

points that you must note

*  I recommend that keep an eye out for which pieces designers showcasing in a fashion show.

*  notice the shapes, colors, prints are used by designers because it gives an idea of what the next trend will be. 

*  it also gives an idea of what the next seasonal trend will be.

2. Read fashion magazines


read fashion magazines

it the second great source to get deep information about fashion and styles. fashion magazines give updated and valuable content.

I give you a list of the top 7 magazines you must subscribe it and keep up with the latest fashion trends.


it is an American fashion and lifestyle magazine which covers many topics like fashion, culture, runway, living, beauty, etc. in 1892, it is a weekly newspaper based in new york city, years later it becomes a monthly fashion magazine.

2.harper’s bazaar

it is also an American monthly women’s fashion magazine and it is established in 1867 based in New York City.


it is founded in 1945 and it is a worldwide lifestyle magazine which based in France city. it covers a variety of topics like fashion, beauty, health, and entertainment.


it is founded in 1994, it is a women’s fashion magazine based in new york.it also covers a variety of topics like beauty, fashion, celebrity style, etc.

5.Marie Claire

 it is a french-British international monthly fashion magazine which is founded in 1937.it gives information about fashion, style, hairstyle, beauty, etc.


it is an online women’s fashion magazine (1939) that covers a variety of topics like outfit ideas, make-up tutorials, celebrity fashion news, lifestyle, etc.


it is an American monthly women’s fashion magazine(1886) that covers a variety of topics like fashion trends, celebrity news, beauty, and more.

3.follow fashion blogs


how to keep up with the fashion trends

fashion blogs are a regular source of fashion inspiration and fashion trends. fashion bloggers always find fresh and trendy content for the audience.

many fashion bloggers generated everyday awesome content to help us keep updated with trends.

I bought a list of some famous fashion blogs if you want to get the latest information about fashion then you must follow this list and stay updated with fashion & style

1.My face hunter 

it is a street-style fashion blog that is based in the UK and the USA.it is founded in 2008 by two friends minza and Emma.

it covers a variety of topics like beauty, make-up, celebrity style, etc. if you want to stay updated with current fashion trends, then you must follow this blog from today.

2. lets think style

it is an Indian fashion blog and is founded by Alkananda Bodapaty. if you looking for a place where you can find stylish and trendy outfits at an affordable price then you are at the right place.

3.Anoushka loves

it is a beauty, fashion, and lifestyle blog which is based in Manchester UK. it is an international fashion blog and founded by Anoushka.

if you want to stay ahead of fashion trends then you must follow this blog and it is an amazing blog.

4.fashion for royals

it is a fashion, make-up, and lifestyle blog that is founded by Archana Dhankar. she believes in personal fashion & style and empowers women to discover styles from their own experiences.

this fashion blog is one of my favorite blogs. her fashion sense is modernistic, unique, and easy to follow.

5.Akanksha Redhu

Akanksha is one of the top fashion bloggers in India and her fashion and styling are outstanding. I’m also a big fan of her and inspired by her fashion sense.

if you want to be the rock in this fashion world, then you must have to follow this blog from today.


it is one of the topmost fashion blogs and it covers a variety of topics related to fashion like style, fashion trends, fashion news, fashion shows, etc.

 if you want to stay updated with fashion trends then you must need to subscribe the latest updates.

7.style craze

it is also one of the most famous sites that cover all topics of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and make-up. you must follow this site to stay updated.

4.Follow u-tube channels

it is another easy and perfect way to see what trends are going on in the market.

fashion u-tubers are showcased a wide variety of fashion, stylings and help to keep us updated with the everyday trend. u-tube is helped a lot if we use it positively.

how to keep up with the fashion trends

I love watching fashion videos on u- tube because I believe in practical styling. you just follow some u-tube channels, find your fashion inspiration and keep yourself with the latest fashion trends.

here’s a list of famous Indian u-tube channels

1.Sejal Kumar

she is a Delhi-based fashion u-tuber and her channel is famous for fashion and lifestyle videos.

There are more than 1M+ subscribers on their YouTube channel and she is getting a lot of love from the audience in this fashion world.

2.Amita creations

It is the second one of the best channels for fashion, styling, and DIYs.

This channel is still new, but the founder of this channel, Amita, always keeps adding something new to it and I love this channel for fashion inspiration.

3.Komal Pandey

it is one of the best fashion u-tube channels. this u-tube channel is all about fashion and beauty.

Whether you like wearing any kind of clothes like Western, casual. you can follow this channel for every kind of fashion.

with 931k subscribers, she is ruling the hearts of millions of people due to its fashion and style.


this channel is all about fashion hacks, beauty hacks, and homemade remedies, and one of the most loved Indian channels.

with 11.9M subscribers, they got a lot of love from their audience.

5.Perkymegs hindi


The founder of this channel is Megha from Delhi and she creates videos on his channel that are all about fashion, make-up looks, styling, lifestyle.

His channel is one of my favorite channels. with 1.2 million subscribers, her channel is one of the most loved channels in India.

6.Sana Grover


she is sharing content on fashion, beauty, and lifestyle and share ideas from daily life experiences.

it is one of my favorite fashion channels. her styling is a unique combination of being a chick, stylish and comfortable too.

7.Ishita Khanna

it is also a top-best channel on the list of best fashion u-tube channels and its content is a mixture of fashion, styling, and lifestyle.

with 119k subscribers, she got a lot of love and attention from their audience.

here’s a list of international u-tube channels

1.Zoe Sugg

with 11.5M subscribers, she runs a fashion & lifestyle u-tube channel that covers a variety of topics like fashion hacks, hauls, make-up hacks, and beauty hacks.

her styling sense is outstanding and she is a true motivator of fashion and styling.

2.Tess Christine

she a New York icon and her channel are famous for tips on make-up hacks, hair, fashion, and shopping. with 2.36M subscribers, she is winning the million of hearts by their unique ideas of fashion and styling.


with 2.16M subscribers, she is famous for fashion DIYs and the transformation of old clothes into a new look. 

If you too are fed up with old clothes lying at your home, then go to this channel and watch the video.

see how you can transform your old clothes and give them a completely new and stylish look.

4.Mel joy


she is an American fashion u-tuber who loves fashion, beauty, and fashion hacks. she shares her beauty hacks, shopping tips with their audience and spreads love.

5.Vanessa Zelleti

she is an Italy-based fashion influencer and gives fashion and beauty tips in her unique way. she gives amazing tips on online shopping and shares experiences of different fashion hauls.

6.Patricia bright


Through this channel, Patrica bright shares her experience with fashion beauty and hair care, which will help you to improve your styling.

her fashion and styling tips are so easy that we can implement them in our everyday life.

7.Olivia jade


she is very passionate about fashion, beauty, and all. Her typical fashion and styling are extraordinary that people like to follow her style.

she has a strong passion for fashion and make-up and she loves to share her passion with their audience.

5.social media


how to keep up with the fashion trends

social media is a great source to keep up with fashion trends because there are many fashion u-tubers, fashion bloggers, fashion designers, and celebrities who share their trendy fashion videos fashion articles, and more.

explore the hashtag fashion on your social accounts and Follow the account that inspires you a lot.

6.keep an eye on celebrity style

it is another effortless way to know more about what trends are going on in the market.

celebrities are playing a very important role in trend creation because Celebrity wears whatever it is in fashion or not, but fans follow their style and turn it into a trend.

so that is why celebrities are highly influential people in the fashion world. if you want to keep up with current fashion trends then you must follow celebrity style.

celebrities are trendsetters and people use their advice for fashion inspiration so keep an eye on celebrity style to stay on the latest fashion trends.


how to keep up with the fashion trends

I love reading books and books are a great source of learning everything.

Fashion is vast like the ocean, if you want to explore your knowledge about it then for that you should start reading from today.

here’s a list of 7 famous fashion books must read

1.the little dictionary of fashion (Christian Dior)

2. Coco Chanel the illustrated world of fashion icon hardcover (mega Hess)

3.Worn in New York: 68 Sartorial Memoirs of the City Hardcover (Emily Spivack)

4.Inside Haute Couture: Behind the Scenes at the Paris Ateliers Hardcover (Désirée Sadek)

5.Fashion Victims: The Dangers of Dress Past and Present 1st Edition (Alison Matthews David)

6.A Different History of Fashion (Thierry-Maxime Loriot)

7.The New Black Vanguard: Photography Between Art and Fashion (Antwaun Sargent)

8.watch fashion movies


how to keep up with the fashion trends

Fashion movies are essentials to keep up with the latest fashion trends in which you get to learn a lot about fashion and styling sense.

fashion movies are a great source to collect knowledge about fashion and trends.

9.visit online stores

how to keep up with the fashion trends

In today’s time, everyone has a smartphone, tab, laptop, so with the help of these gadgets, you can go to any online fashion store.

explore online fashion stores to keep up to date with the latest fashion trends.

In today’s time, every person is busy with his work and no one has time to go offline and visit stores and outlets.

by doing this you will save your time and explore your fashion online.

10.go-to window shopping

how to keep up with the fashion trends

window shopping is another smart way to stay updated on the latest fashion trends. We do not need to make a plan for window shopping, you just have to do one thing.

when you go to the local market, then you have a look at displayed items of different fashion stores and malls.

With these items, you will get an idea of which fashion trend is most popular in the market.

11.update your wardrobe


how to keep up with the fashion trends

first of all, throw out the old clothes that are not fit for you and make space for new clothes.

make a collection of clothes that are wearable anytime like pair of jeans, t-shirts, tops, etc. You can pair up these clothes with stylish and trendy accessories.

You can refresh your wardrobe twice a month and keep the clothes you don’t wear on the side.

Keep your clothes properly in Almira so that whenever you have to choose what you to wear, it can make it easy.

quick tips to keep up with fashion trends

dressing yourself according to current fashion trends is an awesome way to express yourself and it helps to boost your confidence.

The first thing is that there is no need to copy someone’s style. 

* Be confident

Whatever style you carry, you just have to carry it with confidence. I am sure that you will look gorgeous in all types of clothes.

* Choose affordable fashion

keep a minimum of clothes in your wardrobe, only buy clothes that you need and you like to wear.

* Be trendy on a budget

Always buy things that are within your budget. you can buy your basics t-shirts or jeans from sale or bargains.

in this way, you can save your money on basic clothes and spend that remaining money on a trendy dress for occasion or parties.

what is next?

Dear friends, I hope you love my article “11 proven techniques how to keep up with fashion trends like a kylie Jenner

If you like reading my article, please subscribe to my blog so that you can update my latest article and share your opinion with me in the comment box.

Please message me in the comment section and tell me which technique is easy to use and what helped you the most And also tell me which technique you are already using??

We value your opinion!

Thanks for reading!


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