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7 Things Nobody Told You About How To Figure Your Body Shape

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How to dress for your body shape is a sentence in itself that makes you understand what your body shape is. If you have thought about this by listening to the name of body shape, then let me know.

The trend is moving very fast and is constantly changing over time but we are not following the trend because we feel that this dress will not suit us or this dress will suit us or not.

Have you ever noticed that when we think that we have to follow this celebrity’s dress, what happens is that the celebrity looks so beautiful and attractive but when we wear the dress by ourselves, we feel That we don’t look as good as we thought?

At one time, the same thing happened to me, then I thought, why is it that?

When a celebrity can look so beautiful in that dress-up, why am I not looking so beautiful in the same dress-up?

Then I did a lot of research on this subject because it is not just my problem there will be many girls who are facing this problem.

After much research, I noticed that many such calculators are available on the internet in which we fill measurements of our bust, waist, and hip and they tell about our body shape. You can see this by searching on any search engine.

To find out the size of your body, it is very important to know the four measurements. these four measurements are off your shoulders, bust, waist, and hips. These are played a very important role to know your body shape.

body shape
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There are mainly 7 types of body shapes. The first one is the pear body shape, apple body shape, square body shape, inverted triangle, or curvy body shape, petite body shape, tall body shape, plus size body shape.

Step one is to identify your body shape. To know about the size of your body, I will tell you some important points with the help of which you can find out what your body shape is.

Friends, first of all, we will talk about the pear-shaped body. You have to keep in mind three or four points with which you can know the shape of your body.

1. Pear-shaped body

pear-shaped body
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  • The size of your waist is larger than your bust.
  • You have fuller hips and thighs also.
  • Hips are broader than your shoulder line.
  • The area below your bust will be fuller or wider as compared to your shoulders.
  • You may be pear body shaped person if you have these types of body characteristics.

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2. Apple-shaped body

apple-shaped body
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The Apple’s body shape is just opposite to the pear-shaped a pear-shaped body weight is below the waistline but in an apple body shape weight is just above the waistline.

  • You are curvy with an undefined waist.
  • Your upper body part means the shoulder line is wider than your hips.
  • Thinner arms and legs as compared to the waistline area.
  • Narrower hips than bustline.
  • Actually, you have extra weight in the stomach area.

3. Rectangle-shaped body

rectangle shaped body
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The name of the rectangular body in itself shows that the body which looks like the shape of a rectangle is called a rectangular body shape. It means no curves at all and the bust, waist, and hip almost are in equal proportions.

  • It is straight at the top and bottom also.
  • No curve at the waistline or undefined waist.
  • Your shoulder line, waistline, and bustline are almost equal to each other.
  • Your upper part of the body is straighter like a rectangle

4. Curve-shaped body

curve-shaped body
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This body shape is also known as an inverted triangle or hourglass. In this body shape, you have a well-defined body structure.

  • You have a well-defined waistline.
  • Your upper and lower halves are almost the same.
  • Actually, you have a curved waistline and your upper and lower half are proportionally equal.
  • Your bust and hips are wide with a narrower waistline.

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5. Petite-shaped body

petite shaped body
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Petite body shape comes in different shapes sizes and proportions. If your body measurements are 5ft 3″ inches or under it, then you are considered a petite body-shaped person.

  • Your height is normally not taller as compared to others.
  • You have narrow shoulders and a smaller waistline.
  • Your neckline is smaller.
  • You have shorter arms and legs.
  • Petite body structure depends upon your weight, not height.

6. Tall body shape

tall body shape
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A body whose size is more than the normal body, such as 5ft 10″ or above, this body is called a tall body shape. Finding clothes that fit that body shape of this size is nothing short of a battle.

The tall body also comes in different shapes, sizes, and proportions it depends upon the weight of the body.

  • Your height is near about 5ft 10″ inches or above.
  • Your arms and legs are taller as compared to the width of the body.
  • Your neckline is taller.
  • Your bust and hips are slightly wider it depends on your body weight.

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7. Plus the size body shape

plus size body shape
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Plus size women have a larger upper body as well as lower is not curvy and undefined body shape.

It is difficult to guess the shape of the body because the weight of this body is extra from the normal body.

  • Generally, you are not well-proportioned.
  • Your bust, waist, and hips are undefined and fuller in size.
  • Measurements of the bust, waist, and hips are almost equal to each other.
  • In this type of body, you are an overweight person.

What is next?

Finally, we have reached the last point of this article. I hope you enjoy my article ” 7 things nobody told you about how to figure your body shape”.I wish you enjoy these tips to style your wardrobe in a proper way. I told you in my post that before wearing any dress, you need to know about your body shape. Friends, if you want an article on which dress you should wear for these different body shapes, then please tell me in the comments section, and then I will write my next article on this topic. If you liked my article, please share it and subscribe to my blog so that you can get my latest article up to time. We value your opinion! Thank you for reading.

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