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Hair Color Trends 2022

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Whenever we talk about someone’s personality, we remember more than two things, someone’s eye color, hair color, and dress up. Our Hairstyle or hair color also plays an important role in making our look attractive and stylish. Personally, I enjoy having unique colored hairs, and I hope each new year we may obtain the different hair colors of our choice and rock in this fashion world.

Today we will discuss the versatile collection of the latest hair colors 2022 vogue, that will help to give a new look to this beautiful world of hues. The colors that we will discuss in the list below are all collected according to skin tone.

Here’s a list of the top 35 hair color trends 2022 for women 

  • Multi shaded hair color 
  • Red hair color 
  • Rooted Black & Blond hair color
  • Minimal sunkissed highlights
  • Ice platinum with curls
  • Champagne hair color
  • Chocolate brown
  • Ice platinum with light blue & pink highlights
  • Rooted grey with light highlights
  • Choco color with golden highlights
  • Purple with silver-tone
  • Light brown with Magenta highlights
  • Ashy highlights with black
  • Sunset Blonde
  • Ginger Hair color
  • Caramel hair color with curls
  • Denim hair color
  • Burgundy hair color with black roots
  • Pastel lavender & Bubblegum pink with Liberator
  • Charming Red with black roots
  • Black with orange highlights
  • Cute Rainbow Hair Colors
  • Blonde hair color with purple roots
  • Unicorn Hair color with Gargoyle & Chestnut
  • Candy rainbow hair colors
  • Purple & Intense Violet with silver hair color
  • Cool rainbow on ends
  • Hidden red with pretty browns
  • Fabulous blue, red & pink hair color
  • Neon Pink hair color
  • Bob cut with rainbow hair color
  • Bright Orange hair color
  • Blond hairs with sky blue highlights
  • Purple & Brown striped hair color
  • Rooted Blond & Brown hair color

Basically, there are 6 types of hair colors black, brown, white, red, grey, blond. But hairstylists change these shades slightly to add more charm to look extra gorgeous. They made different hair colors by combining different color tones like blackberry, coal, amber, ash, etc. These all are combined shades of black and blond hair colors. 

So don’t be confused with names of hair colors Asian, which are just shades of the main six colors that are made to enhance the natural shades to stand out from the crowd.

1. Multi Shaded Hair Color 2022

Source- Instagram

This shade is the Rockin roll shade of the year 2022 because multi colors never go out of the trend. Even multi colors are specially made for the moment when you thought “oh no I already tried all the colors, I don’t like this color, what can I do? Which color is best for me?

Multi colors are answers to all your questions. If you have a white skin tone then it will work well for you and it looks extra gorgeous with all of your outfits. In winter this shade is best for you.

2. Trendy Red Hair Color 

Source- Instagram

All red hair color is another evergreen trend for 2022 and all years of this sanctuary. Because red is the ultimate trend of all times. If your skin tone is brown or golden, then this hair color is the perfect choice for both.

I saw many singers, actresses, and models who love to go with beautiful red hair colors. If you love to appear different with monochromes then red is waiting for you. Go to the salon and try this.

3. Rooted Black & Blond Hair Color

Source- Instagram

The lighted curls will also be turned on in 2022. For wavy or naturally curly, platinum highlights with dark roots may be an appealing choice, giving the hair a light air and a highly sophisticated appearance.

Highlights may be used to enhance the natural hair color, providing contrasts and attractiveness to your look. It is a fashionable trend for short hair that provides minimal contrast to the hair.

4. Minimal Sunkissed Highlights

Source- Instagram

This is the most trendy hair color on this list. If you don’t want brighter highlights, try these basic sunkissed highlights. It is the ideal hair color for Indian complexion tones, and the soft bounce of the hairs draws attention from the crowd.

5. Ice Platinum With Curls

Source- Instagram

This is one of the most loved hair colors in all women. In India, this hair color is naturally gotten by women of the 60 to 70 age group. But in western countries, people love to go with ice hair color.

The key to looking Super stylish is ice blonde trendy hair color 2022. This bright and sophisticated shade looks gorgeous with golden, spotless white skin tones.

6. Champagne Hair Color 2022

Source- Instagram

Champagne hue is perfect for all skin tones and you should be ready to go with this fun hair color. All western dress-ups look amazing with this hairdo and are perfect for medium-length hairs.

Make your champagne shade even more dazzling by including darker roots in all places, resulting in a gorgeous hair color effect that suits your personality.

7. Chocolate Brown Hair Color

Source- Instagram

Ohhhhh….chocolaty brown, this color is the favorite of many girls and they love to go with this hair color. This chocolaty shade is a fresh twist on a classic blonde girl.

This is a toasty and luscious variance on the classic chocolate brown hair color. This is the most trendy hair color of 2022. If you are planning to change your hair color, you should try this loving dark chocolate color in 2022.

8. Ice Platinum With Light Blue & Pink Highlights

Source- Instagram

Look at the color combination of hair, it looks fabulous, outstanding. Lowlights and multi-dimensional hues look best when hair is styled sleek and straight. This hair color is fabulous with end waves when you style your hair with pins of diamond and shimmery silver hues.

9. Rooted Grey With Light Highlights

Source- Instagram

This color will be popular in 2022 and also in upcoming years. Because both of the colors used to dye hair are basic, this hue never goes out of trend. Highlights enhance the beauty of this lovely combo.

10. Choco Color With Golden Highlights

Source- Instagram

Every white woman loves to eat chocolate and flaunts this dark chocolate color scheme with golden undertones. If you already have long hair and are looking for hair color, this is a good investment. Lower light waves enhance the beauty of hair color.

11. Purple With Silver-Tone

Source- Instagram

Just look at the lovely hair color. This shade is specifically created for girls who want to stand out from the crowd and attract people with different hair hues.  

I adore the purple and silver color palette. This color looks elegant with a bright white skin tone. This hair color looks fantastic on medium-length hair with mild curls.

12. Light Brown With Magenta Highlights

Source- Instagram

The light brown shade of this hair color is enhanced by magenta sparkles. This color scheme is ideal for nighttime outings. Magenta and brown are delicately blended to stand out in every season. It looks fantastic on all skin tones and gives you a flawless complexion.

13. Ashy Highlights With Black

Source- Instagram

This hair color is an entirely realistic subtle shimmer ash blonde hair coloration on black hair that looks stunning on all ladies. These ashy highlights look dazzling on fair-skinned women!

14. Sunset Blonde

Source- Instagram

This is another trending hue for 2022, and it will continue to be popular in the next few years. Sunset blonde is a sophisticated and glamorous hair color. 

The Sunset Air is one of the most popular and desired blondes among fashion ladies. These lovely sunset blondes distinguish out for their combination of sophistication and elegance.

15. Ginger Hair Color

Source- Instagram

Just look at the attractiveness of this color, this shade is specially made for women to rock in 2022. This modern hair color and hairstyle grab the attention of millions of eyes.

This is a versatile hairstyle for ginger hair color, and its soft layers look fantastic in classic wispy bangs. This sparky hair color is perfect for all night outs, Christmas eve, and new year’s eve. Wear shimmery black or navy dress with this hair color.

16. Caramel Hair Color With Curls

Source- Instagram

17. Denim Hair Color

Source- Instagram

18. Burgundy Hair Color With Black Roots

Source- Instagram

19. Pastel Lavender & Bubblegum Pink With Liberator

Source- Instagram

20. Charming Red With Black Roots

Source- Instagram

21. Black With Orange Highlights

Source- Instagram

22. Cute Rainbow Hair Colors

Source- Instagram

23. Blonde Hair Color With Purple Roots

Source- Instagram

24. Unicorn Hair Color With Gargoyle & Chestnut

Source- Instagram

25. Candy Rainbow Hair Colors

Source- Instagram

26. Purple & Intense Violet With Silver Hair Color

Source- Instagram

27. Cool Rainbow On Ends

Source- Instagram

28. Hidden Red With Pretty Browns

Source- Instagram

29. Fabulous Blue, Red & Pink Hair Color

Source- Instagram

30. Neon Pink Hair Color

Source- Instagram

31. Bob Cut With Rainbow Hair Color

Source- Instagram

32. Bright Orange Hair Color

Source- Instagram

33. Blond Hairs With Sky Blue Highlights

Source- Instagram

34. Purple & Brown Striped Hair Color

Source- Instagram

35. Rooted Blond & Brown Hair Color

Source- Instagram


Like your clothes, the trend of hair also keeps on changing. We should get used to going with trends. If you want to make your place in the world of fashion, then you have to follow some fashion articles and see fashion trends for everyday fashion.

Hairstyle and hair color plays a big role in giving a complete look to our dress-up. above I have mentioned the Top 35 Hair trendy Colors which are on-trend in 2022. Most hair colors are made by mixing and matching 6 colors.

Now whatever color suits you according to your skin tone, you can get your hair done from this list. I have presented all these colors selectively to my audience. I hope you like this article of mine and you will love all the top trendy hair colors of 2022.

Do let me know by commenting in the comment section Which of these colors are you using for yourself in 2022?

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