complete dress-up for the apple-shaped body

Today we will talk about the apple-shaped body. we discuss the complete dress-up for an apple-shaped body.

The Apple body shape is just opposite to the pear-shaped body. Pear-shaped body weight is below the waistline but an apple body shape weight is just above the waistline.

Features of an apple-shaped body

  • you are curvy with an undefined waist.
  • your upper body part means the shoulder line is wider than your hips.
  • thinner arms and legs as compared to the waistline area.
  • narrower hips than bustline.
  • actually, you have extra weight in the stomach area.

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Whatever your body shape, you just have to take special care of these three points. If you carry an outfit keeping in mind these three points, then you will always be able to create an illusion of looking slim and fit.
  • Balance– when you buy your dress then choose that outfit that helps to balance your waist bust and shoulders.
  • Draw attention – you choose a dress that will draw attention to your body part which you want to highlight.
  • Pattern & colors– choose bright colors and verticle patterns.
1. Top
For Apple shape body, we need to wear such tops so that they will distract the attention of the viewer from our midsection and take the entire concentrate on the body part that you want to highlight.
  • Layered top
layered tops are the first choice for apple-shaped helps to draw attention from your midsection to your lower body part.
  • Strapless top
Strapless top
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These tops are also the best choice for this body apple body shape shoulders, arms and legs are the body parts which you have to focus the viewer and divert attention from the abdominal area.
  • Tie knot top
These tops are also a good choice and help to create the illusion of a well-defined waist and bust.
  • Loose fit & flare top
Loose fit & flare top
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 There is no better choice than this top for apple-shaped bodies. wear this top with a flared necklace, this will draw attention from your midsection to your neckline and make your look amazing.
  • Straight cut jeans
to create a balance in your body you should wear straight-cut is one of the best choices for apple-shaped bodies.
  • Flairy jeans
Flairy jeans
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It is also a good choice for the heavy draws attention from your heavy waist to your long legs and makes you look curvy & slim.
  • Boot cut jeans
These jeans divert attention from your midsection to the bottom and your entire outfit looks perfect. 
  • High rise jeans
High rise jeans
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These jeans add curves to your mid-section, which helps create an illusion to make your waist well defined. this will make your entire look fit & well defined.
  • A-line skirt
A-line skirt
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this skirt works very well on apple-shaped takes attention away from your heavy bust line to your looks attractive on this body type.
  • Bias-cut skirts
Bias-cut skirts
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Bias-cut skirts are helpful to show off your legs and help to define your apple body shape.
  • Full circle skirts
full circle skirts
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Full circle skirts are also the best choice for apple-shaped bodies. these skirts are flattering your figure. you should wear skirts right above the knee.
  • Wrap skirts
wrap skirts
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Wrap skirts look amazing on this body type.
  • Fit & Flare dress
fit & flare dress
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This dress helps to take attention away from the mid-riff and add a curve to your above your natural waist.
  • Wrap dresses
wrap dresses
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These dresses are fabulous on apple-shaped helps to hide bulges and add curves to your lower body.
It is one of the most flattering styles for all types of body shapes.
  • penal dresses
penal dresses
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Two penal dresses with color blocking work well on this type of body shape.
By wearing a two-panel dress, it creates an illusion of a defined waist, and your midsection will look slim & fit.
  • A-line dress
A-line dress
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this dress is also looking good for apple-shaped bodies.

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Wear v-necklines, deep necklines, u-shape necklines, etc that will create an elongated illusion of midriff. 
jackets play a very important role in your overall look. the jacket adds a layer to your outfit.
It draws attention from your midsection to the upper body and creates an illusion of a well-defined waist & elongates your torso.
  • Bomber jacket
Bomber jacket
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Wear bomber jackets with plain shirts and you can also wear them with skirts, ripped jeans creates an illusion of a slim fit body and elongated midriff. 
  • Leather jacket
Leather jacket
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Leather jackets are also a good choice for this body shape. they are a perfect fit for all body types.
  • Denim jacket
Denim jacket
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A denim jacket is one of my favorite jackets. I often pair up it with high-waisted jeans, bell-bottom jeans. for apple body shape, it will work well and help to hide your bulges, and gave an elegant look.
  • linen jacket/blazer
linen jacket/blazer
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This type of jacket also works well for apple-shaped is very comfortable and one of the best jacket collections. This jacket is perfect for all body types.
  • A-line coat
A-line coat
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A-line coat is also a very good choice for an apple-shaped body as it also helps to hide your midsection and take attention to your upper & lower body.
  • Straight coat
Straight coat
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Straight coats also work well and help to balance your body frame. you can use this type of coat to add layers to your top or shirt.

  • Trench coat
Trench coat
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French coats are long and flared at the bottom as well as a maxi dress. they help to draw attention from your tummy area and add curves to your will really work to elongate your figure.
  • Evening coat
Evening coat
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Evening coats are also in full length. you should wear this coat to add layers over your top. it really looks gorgeous on you.
This is one of my favorite highlights your bottom and takes attention away from the heavy part of the body and looks elegant.
Whatever the outfit is, it is always incomplete without accessories.
  • statement earrings 
statement earrings
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Choosing the right choice of earrings is as important to you as the rest of the stuff because earrings create an illusion so that the viewer’s attention gets to your face.
This will divert attention from your broad shoulder to the long neck and make your look more attractive.
  • Footwear
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Platform shoes, loafers, strappy sandals, high heels are the best choices for this body shape. they will divert attention from your midsection to the bottom and show off your legs.

thin bels, dark color belts are the best choice for apple-shaped bodies.
  • Necklaces

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wear shorter necklaces, chokers, and chains with a simple locket, etc are the best choice for apple-shaped bodies.
They will divert attention from your heavy bust and take to your elongated neckline. 
What to wear?
  • Arms and legs are your strengths so wear that type of garments that give attention to your upper & lower body.
  • Wear statement and structured clothes.

  • Wear dark and solid colors on your lower body part.

  • Wear loose, flair, and puff sleeves to take attention to your upper body part.

  • Wear vertical patterns and long dresses which cover up your midsection. This will make your entire outfit look long and attractive.

  • Wear the right bra according to your breast plays a very important to defines your bust.

  • You will definitely add panel dresses in your ward off because the panel dresses are a perfect outfit for the Apple shaped body.

  • Add layers to your outfit with a shrug, jacket, cardigan, etc.

  • Wear well-structured clothes.

  • Wear back pocket pants.

  • Wear flattering pants, palazzos, and trousers.

  • Wear dresses that are detailed at necklines, sleeves, shoulders.

  • Choose an outfit with a thin belt, dark colors.

  • Wear a dress with open jackets.


  • Avoid wearings an outfit with belts and patterns in the mid-section. this will draw attention to your tummy area.
  • Avoid thick and detailed belts.
  • Don’t wear heavy boots, skinny jeans, leggings, etc. they will minimize your legs.
  • Avoid wearing a high neck, boat neck, heavy neck,off-shoulder cut. this will draw attention to your chest & shoulder line and this will make your shoulders even broader.
  • Avoid a jacket that has a lot of zippers.
  • Avoid a bottom that has a lot of zippers on pockets.

  • Avoid wearing buckle boots, kitten heels, heavy shoes, etc that will make your foot too big and make your legs smaller.

  • Avoid wearing clingy outfits.

What next?

Finally, we have reached the end of this article. I hope you enjoy my article “complete dress-up for the apple-shaped body”.I wish you got the necessary knowledge for this body type.
All body shapes are beautiful, it is not necessary that you wear the same dressing according to your body shape, you can wear all types of clothes as you like.
Just you should have confidence, whatever dress you carry will look beautiful on you.
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