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7 Ways To Make People Fall In Love With Your Rectangular Body Shape|Complete Dress-Up For Rectangular Body

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Normally, all body shapes are very beautiful but the characteristics of all body shapes are different. I will give you some tips & tricks which help to make your body shape look more attractive.

All body shapes are, unique. everyone’s body features are also different, so now you have to need to find clothes that are the perfect fit for your body.

upper &lower body part of this body shape is well proportioned. so we need to focus on creating an illusion of curves and defining the waist by my styling tips.

You are rectangular body shaped if your body features are;

  • It is straight at the top and bottom also.
  • no curve at the waistline or undefined waist.
  • your shoulder line, waistline, and bustline are almost equal to each other.
  • your upper part of the body is straighter like a rectangle.

If these above body features do not match your body then search in google “body shape calculator” then many results have come in your search is an easy way to know about what is your body shape.

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Three points always keep in mind dress for any body shape:

1. Balance- Whatever your body shape, you will have to wear clothes so that help to balance your bust, waist, hips, and shoulder line.  Because body shape concentrates on your bone structure and not on your body weight.

2. Draw attention-You need to do some changes in your dress-up so that the attention of the viewer goes to where you want. It can help to create curves, lengthen, and emphasize your best-loved part of yours. body.

3. Patters & colors- choose bright colors, horizontal patterns, and dark solid colors like black, and navy. I prepared the complete dress-up for a rectangle-shaped body. Here’s a perfect-fit collection of tops, pants, jeans, jackets, coats, accessories, etc. Let us discuss below:

1. Best tops for rectangular body shape

  • Sweetheart
Sweetheart top
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This type of neckline and tops are best for this body shape. these help to create volume to your neckline and emphasize it.

  • Wide-v
Wide-v top
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When you go for a detailed neckline like wide-v, deep-v then they help to draw attention away from your undefined waist and highlight your favorite body part or upper body part.

  • Scoop neck
scoop neck top
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A scoop neck also a very good choice for a rectangular helps to draw attention upward

  • Peplum top
peplum top
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These types of tops are the best choice for this body shape. if you want to create an illusion of a defined waist then you can opt for belted tops also. Styling Tip– The use of belts is a great idea for this body shape.

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2. Best jeans for rectangular body shape 

Choosing the right pair of bottoms is very important for your complete outfit. boot cut jeans,wide-leg jeans, skinny jeans, and mid-rise jeans are the best choices to add volume to your bottom.

  • Bootcut jeans
Bootcut jeans
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This type of jeans is great for a rectangular body. It is slightly flared at the bottom and adds curves in the right proportion to your lower half.

  • Wide-leg jeans
wide-leg jeans
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This type of jeans is wide at the bottom and its wide flare help to create volume in your lower helps to fill out your thighs, and hips & add curves to your lower half. It will make your overall look amazing.

  • Mid-rise jeans
Mid-rise jeans
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This type of jeans helps to define your waistline. It creates curves in your mid-section and your figure looks curvy and well-defined. You can opt for thin belts because thin belts are a very good combo for this type of jeans.

  • Skinny jeans
Skinny jeans
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If you want to go for skinny & slim jeans, then no better choice for them because it emphasizes your slender legs. It also helps to add curves to your lower body part. Make sure it is tight around your hips and thighs also.

3. Best pants for rectangular body shape

  • pleated pant
pleated pant
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These types of pants work well on this body shape. It adds volume to your lower half with pleats. You can go for printed and bright colors.

  • Flared pant
Flared pant
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All type of flared pants is best for the rectangular body. They will look great on you & no matter what style you opt for.

  • Skinny pant
Skinny pant
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Skinny pants are also a good choice for a rectangular body. It emphasizes your long legs and draws attention from your mid-section to the bottom line.

  • Printed pant
Printed pant
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Prints and textures help to create volume to your bottom line and make your overall look so attractive.

4. Best dresses for rectangular body shapes

Choosing dresses for this body shape is quite difficult but not impossible. So you can opt for wrap dresses, empire dresses,a-line dresses, fit & flare dresses, etc.

  • Princess seam dress
Princess seam dress
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hurry up

This dress looks great on you and it is a perfect fit for balancing your upper and lower body parts. It creates an illusion of a defined waist and adds curves to your lower half.

  • Wrap dress
Wrap dress
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It is the best choice for this body shape and helps to define your bust and waist. Wrap dresses fall downward very nicely over the rectangular body frame and create an illusion of curves. Try detailed neckline dresses they help to show off your neckline and give a curvy and gorgeous look to you.

  • Empire dress
Empire dress
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Choose an empire dress with a waist belt because a waist belt help to curve your waistline and create an illusion of a defined waist.

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  • Fit & flare dress
Fit & flare dress
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Fit & Flare Dresses are the perfect fit dress for all body frames, no matter what your body shape, You can wear these dresses without any hesitation.

5. Best jackets for rectangular body shape 

Jackets play a vital role in slimming you in any outfit. When you contrast the jacket with your top, It creates a vertical color block styling that looks really amazing on you. So don’t skip wearing jackets with your outfit. It gives a complete look to your outfit.

  • Peplum jacket
Peplum jacket
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Jackets help to show your body shape as slim when you wear them open. you can wear peplum jackets with high-neck tops. It creates an illusion of a slim fit curvy body.

  • Belted jacket
Belted jacket
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Belted jackets are the best choice to create an illusion of a well-defined waist. All kinds of belted jackets will look great on the rectangular body shape, So you can wear a jacket whatever you like.

These types of jackets are best for rectangular body frames. It helps to add volume to your upper body and define your bust. It looks amazing on you.

  • Structured jacket
Structured jacket
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These types of jackets are made just for you. It helps in defining your shoulder line and waistline. You should choose a belt with it because it helps to create an illusion of a curvy body and works well on you.

6. Best coats for rectangular body shape 

Coats & jackets are both worn once a year or in the winter season. If you love winter then don’t forget the section on coats & jackets. They help to accessories your winter outfit and also help to keep warm in winter.

  • Trench coat
Trench coat
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Actually, a trench coat is the best choice for all body shapes. You are rectangle-shaped, you can create an illusion of curves and a defined waist by use of a belt. It helps to hide your straighter look.

  • Duster coat
Duster coat
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Duster coats look fabulous on all types of bodies. You can opt for off-bold colors or pop up it with solid and bright colors. It helps to opt for a classic look.

  • Belted coat
Belted coat
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Belted coats are one of the best choices for rectangular body shapes because it works well on creating curves and for a well-defined waist. Any jacket and coat tailored around the waistline look great on you.

  • Evening coat
Evening coat
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You can go for evening coats and wear skinny pants. It looks great on you. Wear pop-up & bright colors and your pant length must be ankle, It will make your overall look amazing.

7. Best Accessories for rectangular body shape

  • Earrings
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Without earrings, Your entire outfit looks incomplete. You can go for statement earrings, hoops, disc earrings, chandelier earrings, etc.

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  • Footwear
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Simple pumps are the best shoe for this body shape to elongate your legs. You can go for textured shoes like loafers, flats, tennis shoes, etc. these types of shoes are perfect for this body shape. You can opt for slender and t-strapped heels also.

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  • Belts
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If you have a straighter body like a rectangle then you can go for dark-colored belts, thin belts, and detailed belts. wear belts on your natural waistline and contrast them with the color of the top. It emphasizes your waist and adds curves to create a perfect curvy structure.

  • Necklaces
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Layered necklaces, long necklaces, and statement necklaces are best for rectangular body shapes. Accessories give compliment your entire look and emphasize the natural strength of the body.

❌ Avoid

  • Don’t wear square and straighter necklines.
  • Avoid shapeless sleeves, tops, and dresses.
  • Avoid too big and boxy shirts that will make your body shapeless.
  • Avoid boxy jackets and coats.
  • Avoid too flare jeans & pants.
  • Avoid monochromatic outfits.
  • Avoid wearing padded shoulders of coats and jackets that will look too boxy.

What is next?

Finally, we are reached at end of this article. I hope you enjoy my article ” 7 ways to make people fall in love with your rectangular shape|complete dress-up for the rectangular body”.   I hope you enjoy these 7 ways to style your rectangular body. In the end, I will tell you the one thing, whatever your body shape it does not matter just style it with confidence. Then see how wonderful you will be……  If you like & enjoy my article then, please subscribe to my blog so that you can get my latest article up to date and share your opinion with me in the comment box. We value your opinion! Thanks for reading!

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