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12 Bollywood couples with outstanding fashion | Brand Endorsements

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Hey there, How you doin’? I hope you’re all doing well at your own places. I’m going to ask you a foolish question: do you like celebrities? Who doesn’t, hehe. We all see them and adore them, and we are always inspired by their food choices, clothing, and other aspects of their lives. In India, Bollywood has a large number of celebrity couples who can be seen together at parties or film events. The majority of people admire the Bollywood duo for their love rumours and fashion sense. Yes, we’ll look at 12 B-town couples with outstanding clothes and some of their fashion brand endorsements in this post.

Remember: If you read the complete post, leave a comment telling me which personality inspires you the most in terms of fashion and styling.

1. Amitabh & Jaya Bachchan

Amitabh and jaya bachchan

48 years of marital life were completed by the royal couple of Bollywood. They’ve spent the better part of four decades together. They’ve been through good and bad moments together, facing them and cherishing them. This couple has a fantastic sense of style and can be spotted together at any B-town event. Amitabh normally wears a suit or kurta, which gives him a gorgeous traditional look, while Jaya usually wears a saree with quite decent jewelry matching, and she looks amazing at this age as well. On the official Instagram handle and numerous fan pages, we can view fantastic photos of this duo.

Fashion Brand Endorsements:

2. Shahrukh Khan & Gauri Khan

Shahrukh Khan

King Khan is recognized not only for his romance and his performance but also for the everlasting love that he had for Gauri Khan, his wife.
King Khan has captivated our hearts with his flying career already, but with his S.O., his fashion sense is something you can’t deny. Every time they wear immaculate, sharp suits, the dynamic duo looks like a million bucks.

Fashion Brand Endorsements:

Gauri Khan Endorsements:-

Shahrukh Khan Endorsements:-

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3. Saif Ali Khan & Kareena Kapoor Khan



The connection between Saif and Kareena can be nothing more regal and classy. They have always had a relationship and have shown to be Bollywood’s hottest duo. Bebo and Nawab of Pataudi had been in a loving relationship for 5 years before their marriage and showed to the public that they were a pair of ideologies. Together with classes the Nawab and Begum spell royal family. Kareena is all sparkling and glamorous and Saif looks soft with bandhgala, patents, and incense. Their powerful clothing always hits the cord, regardless of the opportunity. We love!!

Saifeena is a global holiday housing venture, Airbnb, and V.I.P. Although the couple could not achieve the MFEO parameter too high, the numbers of backs they pack in their suitcase do not yet suffer a drought.

Fashion Brand Endorsements:

Saif Ali’s Endorsements:-

Kareena Kapoor’s Endorsements:-

4. Ranveer Singh & Deepika Padukone



Ranveer and Deepika have provided us with a wonderful multitude of styles. A great dish of strange and sharp silhouettes. Ask for a trend and both must have knocked it out of the park already. Deepika mainly sticks to her classic clothing, whilst Ranveer makes news on his odd appearances on the other hand. #DeepVeer, you’re going.
There’s nothing better defining power than the two. Deepika and Ranveer alone are some of India’s most paid superstars and are undoubtedly a powerful duo after marriage. After their marriage, they featured together in their first Lloyd commercial and previously received support from rival firms. Their wedding has offered them a new vista and we’d want to see them in more support.

Fashion Brand Endorsements:

Ranveer Singh Endorsements:

Deepika Padukone’s Endorsements:-

5. Ranbir Kapoor & Alia Bhatt


Almost everyone knows that we have been in a relationship for a considerable period of time with Alia Bhatt and Ranbir Kapoor.
The modern pair, Ranbir and Alia, applaud time. After completing their debut film, a breathtaking entry has been made by the B-town couple, not only by rumor but also by paparazzi photos. Oversize hoodies, faded jeans, shaggy sunglasses are fairly well maintained. So comfortable and chill!
Both are India’s young heart strokes and have opened up new paths for themselves since joining forces. This powerful pair certainly shoot new heights from acting in films together to obtaining brand endorsements. As of now, Flipkart is the only brand which both have signed and which fits perfectly with its image as modern, fashionable… They are appreciated by their fans and as a couple, they have a lot of promise.

Fashion Brand Endorsements:

Ranbir Kapoor’s endorsements:-

Alia Bhatt’s endorsements:-

6. Virat Kohli & Anushka Sharma


The power couple Virat and Anushka are one duo whose style we definitely want to incorporate into our closets. #Virushka has our hearts with their head-turning fashion style, from wearing crop tops to breezy shirts while jet-setting to picking tapered cuts and power suits for appearances. Virat and Anushka have made a name for themselves around the world and are a force to be reckoned with when it comes to securing endorsements. The duo sparked controversy with their commercial for Manyavar Mohey and have lately partnered with Myntra and Google Duo. In the Made For Each Other (MFEO) parameter employed in this study, the couple came out on top.

Fashion Brand Endorsements:

Virat Kohli’s endorsements:-

Anushka Sharma’s endorsements:

7. Shahid Kapoor & Mira Rajput


To this couple in love, a 12-year age difference appears to be insignificant. Shahid and Mira’s love story was certainly the talk of the town, but the two kept things under control.
Shahid Kapoor and his loving wife Mira Kapoor would undoubtedly come up while discussing a trendy pair at this time. You can tell they like monochromes and current silhouettes just by looking at their fashionable attire. These two are always immaculately dressed, and their impeccable fashion sense makes us go crazy.

Fashion Brand Endorsements:-

Shahid Kapoor’s Endorsements:-

8. Arjun Kapoor & Malaika Arora

Despite the rumors, Arjun and Malaika are actually pushing boundaries in the world of fashion. While Arjun prefers to keep things simple and informal, Malaika’s style is a perfect mix of power suits and everyday wear. They haven’t officially declared their relationship status, but their style is undeniably hot.

Fashion Brand Endorsements:

Arjun Kapoor’s Endorsements:-

Malaika’s endorsements;-

9. Anand Ahuja & Sonam Kapoor


Anand and Sonam’s Instagram photos have attracted our interest. Sonam has identified herself as a B-town fashionista who can style even some of the most basic saree in unique ways. And Anand has made a name for himself in the athleisure trend, slaying it with street style sensibilities. Show some respect, of both you.

Fashion Brand Endorsements:

Sonam Kapoor’s endorsements:-

10. Abhisekh Bachchan and Aishvarya Rai Bachchan



When it comes to style, the beauty queen who has been Miss World and has been dubbed “the most beautiful woman on the globe” can never be outdone. Beauty with intelligence and style to top it off is a rare mix, and she has it all! Abhishek Bachchan’s style is also understated and sober, which complements her liveliness. He is sophisticated and has a certain style that he adheres to. When this guy and woman pair makes an appearance, they seem really stunning. When your gaze falls on this couple, envy may be the only emotion you experience!

They have a mature and refined vibe to them, unlike every other couple on the block that tries to convey a wacky atmosphere. They’ve been in advertisements together for brands like Prestige and Lux. Their aura is a blend of modern and classic, making them a crowd favorite.

Using power couples to endorse brands is a brilliant strategy to promote your brand and outperform your competitors. Every couple has their own particular aura that they use to connect with their audience. Brands collaborate with celebrities who fit the company’s parameters, resulting in a successful brand association.

Fashion Brand Endorsements:

Aish’s endorsements;-

11. Akshay Kumar & Twinkle Khanna



The man, who has matured in both style and acting over the years, is currently one of B-most Town’s dishy celebrities. Akshay Kumar is a man with impeccable taste in clothes and, of course, in a life partner! Twinkle Khanna, the lovely Dimple Kapadia’s daughter, and the iconic Rajesh Khanna’s son were always stylish. She exudes elegance wherever she goes, and she walks with tremendous confidence at events with ‘Singh is King’ star, Akshay Kumar. Both of them have earned the right to be so confident in their fashion sense. Isn’t it well deserved?

Mr. and Mrs. Kumar are another duo that leaves an indelible impression whenever they share the screen. From their regal ad for the renowned jewelry brand, PC jewelers, to a smoldering episode of Coffee with Karan, the duo appears fresher than ever. Even though Twinkle Khanna did not pursue a profession as an actress, her on-screen charisma is impossible to ignore. Throughout his career, Akshay Kumar has been the face of various brands and has mastered the endorsement category.

Fashion Brand Endorsements:

Akshay Kumar’s endorsements:-

Twinkle Khanna’s endorsements:-

  • None

12. Tiger Shroff- Disha Patani



Since Tiger and Disha never made their relationship public, their appearances together at numerous excursions and events suggest that they are a couple. This couple is in excellent physical condition and has excellent dress sense. The public adores this couple’s fashion sense and Disha’s sizzling avatar.

Fashion Brand Endorsements:

Tiger Shroff’s Endorsements;-

Disha Patani’s Endorsements:-


So, guys, read the post and got some useful fashion knowledge. These celebrities have incredible fashion sense, and personally, I adore Shahrukh and Gauri Khan. They are a beautiful couple, and we can be inspired by their clothing styles and brand endorsements. If you like reading this article, please tell me in the comments which duo is your favorite or which fashion couple you prefer. Thank you and must check out other amazing articles.

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