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Top 10 Coolest Big Lots Outdoor Christmas Decorations

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When a holiday is looming, decorations are the first thing that spring to mind. We consider a variety of various ways to adorn our houses. As Christmas gets closer, we are all eager to make this year’s celebration even more unique and memorable than previous years. 

You go from one store to another looking for decorations, lights or anything that will make your home look special. This year it’s different because we are going to tell you about all the best big lots outdoor Christmas decorations which will surely surprise you.

You’re going to love these Big Lots Outdoor Christmas Decorations. You will fall in love with their big glamorous lights and their sparkling icicles! These decorations are going to make your home look absolutely amazing this Christmas season. 

No matter the weather outside, you can still feel festive when you have these amazing decorations to brighten up your home.

Big lots outdoor Christmas decorations are very much fun and beautiful, but you also need to know how to choose them. 

Therefore, Fashionaminoo is here to help you by establishing a plan on how to celebrate and decorate Christmas 2022. In this article we will explain everything about Christmas decoration tips, styles, ideas and more.

Also, share variety of outdoor Christmas decorations from big box stores that will make your house sparkle like the sun.

Without any delay, let’s get started!

Top 10 big lots outdoor Christmas decorations 2022

1. LED Reindeer

If you are looking for a perfect Christmas decoration to light up your lawn, then MorTime 8 FT Christmas Inflatable Reindeer is the best choice. This giant inflatable reindeer is perfect to stand next to your fence, door, or window in your garden during the night. 

Light typeSuper bright LED lights
StabilityBuilt of high-quality materials & long-lasting.
Famous ForBright light
Strong stability
Cute structure
Multiple sandbags


  • It is build up with 5 stakes and 2 tie strings. 
  • It is packed with multiple number of sandbags. 
  • Sandbags help to improve it stability, so that it can light up our outdoors for hours.
  • It is crafted of durable polyester fabric.
  • It is waterproof and long-lasting.

Why you should invest in it?

MorTime’s 8 FT Christmas Inflatable Reindeer with Gift Boxes is a great investment for any savvy collector of unique fun toys. Not only it can be used as an ornament, but also is a great gift idea. It’s made of waterproof material, which allows you to use it in any weather condition. Furthermore, it is available at a very reasonable price. 

2. Lighted Penguin big lots outdoor Christmas decorations

These lighted penguin are an amazing decoration for your home. It’s fun for kids to see it on Christmas and even adults love them. You can use them in front of a Christmas tree, or place them on sides of pathway of the home. They’re very durable and will not break easily.

You feel proud of decorating your room with these lovely penguin light. These lighted penguins are gorgeous decoration that attract lot of attention form others people and they love it.

Light typeBest quality LED lights 
Famous ForStrong stability
Indoor or outdoor decorations
Most loved type of decoration
Easy to Install
Weather resistant


  • It is made up of weather resistant material, so you won’t have to worry about weather conditions.
  • It is formed of a solid substance, such as acrylic, which makes it challenging to distort and shatter.
  • Work best in rainy season, because of it’s waterproof feature .
  • It is one of the greatest outdoor décor ornaments that lasts a long time.

Why you should invest in it?

Unlike many other lighted decoration, with this one you can use it anywhere. You can hang them on the sides of pathway, doorways and windows. It can be easily setup in minutes and requires no tools to remove when it is not in use. In addition, these penguin lighted lawn decorations are easy to install and can be used indoors or outdoors.

3. Big Lot’s Lighted Boxes Christmas Decorations

Christmas illuminated boxes are the ideal way to brighten up your house this holiday season. They are extremely distinct items for decorating your home, both indoors and outside. They are the ideal piece of lighting to lend a touch of playfulness to any event. You can even give them to close friends and family members.

Light typeLEDs string lights
Famous For60 LEDs lights
Crystal clear transparency
Attractive in looking
Waterproof power adapter
Best for indoor or outdoor decor


  • Made up from 60 high quality led string lights
  • Made from high-quality translucent plastic
  • Made up with sturdy metal frame
  • Non breakable
  • Best work for table decoration 

Why you should invest in it?

Christmas illuminated boxes are a trendy and beautiful way to decorate your home this Christmas season. They are the ideal way to brighten up dining tables, bedrooms and outdoors at very affordable price.

Under terms of durability, they will hold up well outside in weather conditions. These boxes were the ideal complement to outdoor reindeer and sleigh display.

4. Cute snowman with Penguin brothers

If you have a kid, then I think you will agree with me that snow man is one of the cutest Christmas decorations. Snowman is suitable for all kinds of purposes, it can be used as interior decoration, yard decoration, garden decoration, stage prop decoration and so on. This cute ornament is the best choice to decorate your home in holiday season with your family and friends.

Light typeRotating LED lights
Famous ForKids loves it most
Super bright lights
Super bright lights
Made up from Polyester material
Super cute look
Light weight


  • Easy to install
  • Fixed sandbags
  • Made up from high quality Material
  • Most adorable item for Christmas with extra durable 
  • It is made of solid and weatherproof material
  • It is designed by innovative technology

Why you should invest in it?

If you are looking for a gift for a loved one or someone who likes penguins and snowmen, this snowmen is a great investment. It’s cute and affordable, so it will be worth all the money spent. This decorative item give you multiple benefits at very affordable price.

5. Star String Big Lots Christmas decorations

It is one of the most popular and well-liked items used in Christmas decorations. If you have natural trees in your home, you may hang them there. This will look stunning as outdoor decoration. You may utilize them in a variety of ways to bring extra beauty to your house.

Light typeMulticolored string lights 
Famous ForOutdoor decorations
Star height 12.6N
8 Modes of lighting
Creates a beautiful light show 
Memory function


  • 8 modes of our string lights match your needs & taste
  • Children and animal friendly
  • Water-proof material
  • With special memory feature, it is capable of remembering the last mode you set before power off.

Why you should invest in it?

If you are a lover of indoor lighting, then you must have this one. I believe that all the families will appreciate the beauty of this piece. It is made up with easy to handle wires and cord, so you can use it to any part of your home without any hassle. You can set the length and color of your choice, which provides all kinds of combinations.

6. Polar Bear with Penguins decorations

It looks very cute and eye catching outside from your home, office and shop. Whether you want to bring some fun into Christmas season or just want some new home decor item for your window. You will find it in different designs, shapes, and sizes.It is a very beautiful gift for your children. 

If you have children, I believe they will fall in love with this attractive ornament. It appears quite lovely and appealing from the outside of your house. There isn’t a Christmas fan who doesn’t like this pair of polar bears and penguins.

Light typeBright LED lights
Famous ForWonderful shape & child-friendly design
Height is 5 feet
length is 7 feet
Looks super cute
Powerful in build blower
Easy to setup


  • Cute and safe inflatable decoration for Christmas
  • Eye catching looks
  • Super bright white light 
  • Work best for Halloween & Christmas
  • It need only 10 FT power cord

Why you should invest in it?

Polar Bear with Penguins is a great way to decorate your front yard during the holiday season. This inflatable decoration is perfect for a mini Christmas village setup. It is a very amazing decorative item at very affordable price.

7. Golden Polar Bear Christmas

The Golden polar bear Christmas is a great piece for any Christmas decoration. It’s a beautiful, unique pair of polar bears that will be sure to please even the most discerning of holiday shoppers.

It has a beautiful white color with red ribbon on its neck. Its eyes are black and its mouth is upon the sky as if it is roaring at you. The whole piece measures about 29 inches in length, 12.5″ width and about 28″ inches tall(height).

It looks like a mother bear carries her baby on her back to celebrate the coming of the wonderful winter season.

This pair of polar bears is fantastic for Christmas 2022 decorations. Everyone, from children to adults, will love it. This piece has positivity that everyone desires this Christmas in their houses.

Light type120 warm white lights
Famous ForEnergy saving lights
Metal frame
Kids and animal friendly
Affordable price range
Packed with
strong stability
& durability


  • It is made up from energy saving lights
  • It is made up of durable pre-wired metal frame
  • Very unique and compelling story behind this ornament
  • It is come with extra replacement bulbs
  • Environment friendly

Why you should invest in it?

The first thing that is very special in it it’s energy saving lights. The Polar Bear Christmas is a great addition to your holiday decorations. With this Christmas Polar Bear, you can turn your yard into a winter wonderland in only 10 minutes. There is no better offer than it if you want to make your house appealing while still saving time and energy.


Over the past several years, big lots has been keenly engaged in expanding its product lines to include more variety for American consumers. With a selection of seasonal items, big lots of outdoor Christmas decorations will add fun, festive energy to its stores during the holiday season. It’s one of the most loved Christmas decorations shopping destinations in America today!

They are a great value for the price, and you can get a lot of different decorative items at affordable price. They are easy to put up, and even easier to take down. Big lots decorations helps to make feel like Christmas, even if it’s not actually Christmas yet.

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