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Bernard Arnault biography, net worth, age, wiki, wife, business

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Who is Bernard Arnault?

Bernard Arnault is a French investor, art collector, businessman. He is chairman and chief executive of the world’s largest goods company LV- Louis Vuitton.

According to Forbes report of June 2021, Bernard Arnault becomes the richest man in the world.

Bernard Arnault’s childhood and education

Bernard Arnault is born on 5 March 1949 in Roubaix. Bernard was educated at Lycee Maxence Var Der Meersch, in Roubaix.He is graduate at Ecole Polytechnique engineering school in france.

Due to this, he also works in a company with his father. After three years, he convinces his father to liquidate the construction division of the company, to sell some of the company’s stake. 

He earned 40 million French Francs and he used this money in the Real Estate and company renamed as ‘Ferinel’.

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Bernard Arnault’s family & personal life

Bernard Arnault's family & personal life

His father’s name is Jean Leon Arnault and his mother’s name is Marie-Josèphe Savinel. bernard’s father was a manufacturer and owner of the civil engineering company Ferret-Savinel.

In 1973, he get married to Anne Dewavrin, and in 1990, They are separated. In 1991, got married again to Helene Mercier and she is a pianist.

He has two children from his first marriage and three from his second marriage. Bernard Arnault’s daughter Louis Vuitton – is the Vice President of the LVMH company and is also a member of the Executive Committee.

Bernard Arnault’s Business journey

After completing his studies, he joined an engineering position in his father’s company, after that he worked as an engineer for about 5 years.

After that, he researched “real estate” and realize that real estate is a very good way to earn more money. he convinces his father that he should make his company a real estate company.

After that Bernard Arnault formed a real estate company named “Ferinel”. In 1970, became the CEO of that company. In 1979, he became the CEO, he made his father the President of that company.

After that Bernard Arnault joined a company of luxury goods “Financiere Agache” with the help of Antoine Bernheim and he becomes the CEO of this company.

After joining, he analyzed the earnings of the company well. And then he got the opportunity to buy the shares of “LVMH” company, so in 1988 he bought 24% of the shares for $ 1.5 million.

And after buying, he made up his mind to become the CEO of that company. Then he used both hard work and mind and in 1989, along with buying 43.5% shares, he also got 35% voting rights in his name.

He won an election which was the election of the chairman of the “executive” management board.

After becoming the chairman, he grows the company exponentially. with his winning attitude, in 11 years, he increased the value of the company 15 times. the profit of the company increased to more than 500%.

In 2018 he left behind a luxury company like “ZARA” and in 2019 according to Forbes, it came in second place among the richest people in the world. 

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Bernard Arnault’s success secrets

  1. Creativity
  2. Innovation
  3. Quality

Achievements & Awards

  • 10 February 2007, Commandeur de la Légion d’Honneur 
  • 14 July 2011, Grand Officier de la Légion d’Honneur
  • In 2011, he got The Woodrow Wilson Award for Global Corporate Citizenship
  • In 2012, Honorary Knight Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire 
  • March 2014, The Museum of Modern Art’s David Rockefeller Award 

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Interesting information about Bernard Arnault

  • He starts his career journey in construction.
  • Bernard Arnault is the richest man in the fashion industry.
  • He is a France-based businessman and entrepreneur with an interest In collecting art and investor.
  • In 2013, bernard Arnault become is 15th richest man in the world.
  • Arnault’s second wife Helene Mercier is a Canadian pianist.
  • He has five children from his two wives.
  • Bernard’s daughter Delphine Arnault is the HR manager of LV.
  • In 2008, His daughter Delphine Arnault become the world’s richest woman.

Important facts about Bernard Arnault

  • Bernard Arnault’s LVMH is famous for its high-end products.
  • Because of his hard work, He got huge success in many countries.
  • He is an engineering student but 
  • LVMH stands for Moet Hennessy Louis Vuitton.
  • Bernard Arnault’s net worth is $197.7B .
  • According to Forbes, he is named as “fashion person” of 2011.
  • Bernard Arnault is the world’s Richest man of 2021.
  • His full name is Bernard Jean Etiene Arnault.
  • Bernard Arnault is a French billionaire, investor, businessman, and art collector.
  • Bernard has also invested in Netflix, Blue Capital and took a major stake in the food chain and other online ventures as well as buying Princess Yachts outright.
  • He begins his career journey working for his father’s manufacturing company for five years.
  • Bernard Arnault’s net worth in Indian rupees is 71,05,51,712.00 annually.

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