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15 Reasons Why Everyone Love Beaded Necklaces (Raksha Bandhan special)

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Today I am going to talk about accessories because the outfit is not complete without them. these 15 pieces of beaded necklaces for women 2021 can help you enhance a plain outfit.

Necklace, yes necklace plays a very important role to complement the outfit. there are a variety of necklaces like beaded necklaces, pearl necklaces, dainty necklaces, long necklaces, pandora necklaces, stone necklaces, BFF necklaces, etc.

It depends upon our choice which necklace we love and like the most. At first, I thought that I would explain all kinds of necklaces but when I started searching about necklaces, There are many types of the same necklace.

I mean, when I searched for beaded necklaces, I found many types of beaded necklaces. So I thought I cover all types of necklaces by making a series in which I will take one necklace and explain its type and like this, I will cover all kinds of necklaces one by one.

When I started researching beaded necklaces, I found 15 types of different beaded necklaces. Let’s see how these are all types of necklaces, how they look, which dress should be paired with them? or if you gift someone then which necklace will be best.

I talked about gifts here because many boys also read my blog and Raksha Bandhan is coming soon so that they can gift a nice necklace on Rakhi for their sisters. You can choose any of these designer necklaces for your girlfriend or wife. I know very well how much women love clothes and jewelry.

Without any delay, let’s get started!

15.Crocheted Beaded Necklaces

These crocheted beaded necklaces looking so beautiful and their twisted design makes them even more prettier. its tiny beads add more beauty to it and make it the perfect piece for all western dresses.

you can wear this handsome piece with v-necklines, round neckline, boat neckline. when you are wearing plain tees or blouses then this crocheted beaded necklace piece is the perfect choice for you.

it looks so attractive with solid colors like black, navy, green, red or white too. almost all dark colors look so pretty and make your day. this entire piece is the most loved jewelry for night parties and day parties.

14.Double Wrap Beaded Necklaces 

Double wrap beaded necklaces are the most popular and versatile accessory for ensembles like check-shirts and turtle necks, and they look especially well with basic crop tops and crop blouses. It goes well with a simple dress, a turtleneck dress, and a crop top.

These beaded necklaces are perfect for those who don’t want to wear a lot of jewelry. These wrap necklaces are lightweight and easy to wear. they are light-weighted necklaces and you can wear these in your daily routine.

The most loving thing about this jewelry is we can wear Indian jewelry mostly on our Indian dresses, but you can wear western jewelry with both Indian dress and western attire.

13.Paper Beaded Necklace

Everybody loves these paper beaded necklaces and likes to wear them with western works very well with saree outfits. its uniqueness and super chic styling attract eyeballs on you.

12.Vintage Beaded Necklaces

Vintage beaded necklaces are one of the most loving pieces and I observe that 40+ age women like to wear those types of vintage necklaces. they look charming on one-piece dresses, high neck tees, and saree too.

I have observed the dressing sense of women of 40+ age in many movies and TV serials, they mostly prefer to wear this type of vintage necklace and transparent beaded necklaces. This type of necklace is mostly worn by western film stars and models.

If you are a saree lover and want to create a classic look, then there can be no better choice than a vintage looks so much impressive and pops up with parrot, red, black, and navy-colored sarees and blouses, and crop tops.

11.Gemstone Beaded Necklaces

The color of this beaded gemstone necklace is beautiful, and the pattern is stunning with tiny diamonds. It is a more suitable choice for both western and saree wear. This is a popular party necklace and a favorite of many women.

This colorful beaded gemstone necklace is ideal to go with yellow, black, and white colors outfits. It is ideal for night parties. Cropped boxy shirts, tees, and blouses look great with them. off shoulders, crop boxy tops, tees, and blouse look fabulous with it.

Whenever you wear this type of necklace, style it with a high bun or low bun hairstyle. Those hairstyles add extra charm to this necklace and help you stand out from the crowd.

10.Colorful Beaded Necklaces

Since the first time I saw this gorgeous necklace, I’ve been a lover of the multicolored beaded necklace. This sort of necklace is handcrafted and may be worn with a Bardot top or an off-shoulder shirt. This lovely colorful beaded necklace is complemented with matching earrings. This is the ideal outfit for bohemian jewelry.

I adore this lovely necklace because of its multi-color scheme; because of its versatility, you can wear it with practically any outfit. These gorgeous colorful boho necklaces go perfectly with the black, white, and yellow tops and tees.

9.Handmade Beaded Necklaces

Handmade Beaded Necklaces
Image credit- Pinterest

This lovely necklace appears simple and attractive, yet it is very simple to make at home. Its appealing and stunning mid-red pendant adds more beauty. its golden chain pops up this nude-colored top.

This handcrafted beaded necklace looks well with black, white, navy, and dark-colored shirts and tees. It looks stunning with the color neck top and shirt.

How to make a beaded necklace at home

8.Beaded Tassel Necklaces

If you are planning a boho outfit, then this beaded tassel necklace is one of the best choices. it is made up of five layers with different types of beads. its colorful tassel layer looks so attractive with a golden chain. this boho necklace gives you an opportunity to pair up with many different types of tops and tees.

7.Mexican Beaded Necklaces

These necklaces add ethnic beauty to any look, is a must-have piece of woman’s jewelry collection. Mexican beaded necklaces are easy to wear, light in weight & gives you a royal look.

It’s a great necklace for everyday, party, casual, workplace, ethnic, and festival wear, as well as traditional occasions, weddings, and receptions.

6.Chunky Beaded Necklaces

Chunky beaded necklaces are ideal statement pieces for your western look as well as Indian look. it’s a golden chain in between pink beads that gives a royal looks so amazing with turtle neck blouses, tops, crop tops, and is ideal for an indo-western look.

5.Swarovski Crystal Beaded Necklaces

I love the Swarovski crystal beaded necklace pieces because they add extra gorgeousness to your routine looks so pretty with round neck tops, turtle neck tops, or boat is a perfect jewelry piece for college wear, office wears, and evening parties too.

The most loving thing about the pretty necklace is that it will easily mix and match with almost all of your outfits. One such necklace piece is a must-have in your jewelry collection.

4.Native Beaded Necklaces

This long beaded necklace piece looks stunning and its layered beads chains give you a royal look on your special is made up of multi-colored beads, so you can wear this necklace with different dresses and tops.

3.Wholesale Beaded Necklaces

This golden beaded triple-layered necklace looks so attractive and you can wear them with solid color blouses like red, white, yellow navy, black, and many of your Western dresses.

If the neckline of your blouse is simple and the fabric of your blouse is also plain, that case you should style up your simple blouse neckline with this type of beaded necklace. wholesale beaded necklaces are easily available in the local market. You will find this type of necklace on Myntra, Flipkart, and Amazon at a cheap price.

2.Party Beaded Necklaces

Just look at the center bold stone of this party beaded necklace, it looks so elegant on a saree blouse. It is a statement piece for all Indian occasions. you can wear it at the rakhi celebration, Lakshmi pooja, and at another Indian festival. earrings of this pretty necklace are so attractive and you can style up it with different outfits.

1.Cheap Beaded Necklaces  

This necklace piece is perfect for those who love light-weighted jewelry. This cheap beaded necklace piece is the most favorite item of many women. It looks gorgeous on a V-neckline or round neckline.

It is a must-have jewelry piece in your jewelry collection. Its white pearls work as a beautiful choker and its golden pretty chain with small white stone looks very attractive. This is the ideal piece for your daily wear.

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