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Alkananda Bodapaty Biography, Instagram, Age, Family, Famous Fashion blogger

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Today, we’ll discuss Alkananda Bodapaty, a well-known fashion model. She is a fashion blogger located in Visakhapatnam who began her career as a fashion blogger and fashion influencer in 2013.

Alkananda Bodapaty’s childhood and education

Alkananda is a Telugu girl from Kakinada who studied engineering at the Kakinada Institute of Engineering and Technology and has been a fashion enthusiast since childhood. she is one of the very few South Indian bloggers in the fashion industry.

  • Alkananda Bodapaty Childhood Photo
    alkananda's childhood photos


Alkananda Bodapaty says that when she was a child, tells those lines to her mother. “I would only wear matching clothes and I cried if my mother made me repeat an outfit”.

Now, she is a brand influencer and collaborates with many big brands, and has a big fan following on social media.

Alkananda Bodapaty’s career journey

How did Alkananda Bodapaty become a famous fashion influencer from a simple girl?

People around Alkananda observe her styling and fashion sense but she does not realize her unique identity. most of her classmates were asking her for advice on the dressing. then she thought that she can help many peoples by providing styling tips on fashion.

 Alkananda says “That was the first time I realized so many people needed fashion tips”.

In, 2011 she starts a Facebook group known as “Go Girlies“.it is a Facebook group, where alkananda shares her styling tips and discusses fashion tips for college girls.

After a small interval of time, her group hits over 40,000 members. after that she completes her graduation, and then she took admission to m-tech.

Then, while pursuing M-Tech, she wondered whether this was really her destiny or her future lay elsewhere. But no, her heart was drawn to the world of fashion, and she left M.Tech midway to pursue her love and launch her own blog.

  • Alkananda Bodapaty’s career journey
    Alkananda Bodapaty’s career journey


Alkananda ‘s family was very sportive and for this reason, her family supported her a lot in every situation and her father agree to his decision. What was it then Alaknanda did not look back again?

In 2015, she starts her own fashion blog “letsthinkstyle” and her first post was “how to use an article of clothing in multiple ways”.in the beginning, she works with different brands through a barter system.

After working hard on her blog, people used to get good comments day by day and her blog was successful in 2017.

In 2017, she starts earning from his blog by promoting brands on a commission basis, and the same year she is sent to Italy to visit by Myntra and FILA, for photoshoots and brand promotion. Maybelline approached Alkananda about promoting their make-up line.

The milestones of Alkananda’s life

The Milestones Of Alkananda's Life

When she started his blogging career, people around her did not understand blogging, she learns everything from making a site to write content.

Belonging to a middle-class family, she did not have enough money to buy new clothes every day and get his photoshoot done by a professional photographer. 

Being his family sport, his difficult times have also passed and now she has become one of the famous fashion bloggers and influencers too.

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As a social influencer

She starts her journey as a social influencer on different social media but she grabs more attention on Instagram. she has 92.6k followers on Instagram. She receives more collaboration mails through Instagram and earns a good amount of money.Alkananda shares her first post on instagram, 28 march, 2013.

What do we learn from Alkananda’s blogging journey?

Blogging is not a short-term game, be consistent, be innovative and always provide fresh and helpful content for your audience.

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Alkananda’s thoughts on blogging

 “It needs hard work and one has to read up on the latest trends, be innovative, and have networking skills.”

Golden learning for all bloggers

“your audience is king” Always create content that touches the heart of your audience.

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