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7 Mistakes Of Wear Stylish Earrings That Make You Look Dumb

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Those people who are reading this article of mine, many of these people will be those who will read about face shapes for the first time and they have never realized how important our shapes are when we buy stylish earrings or jewelry for ourselves.

Whenever you go to buy earrings and you do not know about your facial app and if you bring any random earrings, then this is the first mistake you.

So let me correct your mistake and tell you about different face shapes. And after that, I will tell you how you can wear different earrings for these different face shapes.

when we talk about accessories, earrings are such an accessory that will change the look of our entire outfit. First of all, we will talk about how we choose the perfect stylish earrings according to the shape of our faces. Because whenever we have to buy earrings for ourselves or we do a new hairstyle, first of all, we need to know the shape of our face, how our face is shaped.

So now we know what size our face can be. Usually, our face can be of seven types, round shape, Heart shape, Oval shape, Rectangular shape, and Diamond shape, square shape. Let me tell you how you can find out the shape of your face, I have told you these seven shapes, one of which can be the shape of your face.

Let us know how you will experience the shape of your face. Let us first tell you about the shape of the round face.

1. Round face shape: In this face shape, the widest area of your face is around your cheekbone and also around your jawline. The second point is that if the length and width of your face are exactly the same, then it proves that the shape of your face is round. Your facial features such as the hairline, forehead, and chin are all round, so your face is round. There is no doubt that your face is round in shape.

round face shape

Earrings for round face: You should wear long and statement earrings for a round face shape.

earrings for round face shape

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When you are wearing long and statement earrings, the person in front will focus on the length of your earrings. this will create an illusion and make your face look thinner and longer.

Drop earrings and chandelier earrings also suit well on round-face shapes. these earrings will help to look tall your face as well as balance it.

Avoid mistakes: Avoid wearing round earrings, hoops, disc earrings, and wide chandelier earrings for a round face shape.

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2. Oval face shape: Oval face shape is the best face shape for all types of earrings. The oval face is longer than it is wider and the cheekbones are the widest part of this face shape. if you have these facial features, then you are an oval-face-shaped woman.oval face shape

Earrings for oval face: The oval shape is considered the perfect face shape out of all the face shapes. Because women with this face shape can wear all kinds of stylish earrings and jewelry.

This face shape is such that whatever kind of jewelry you should wear, every kind of jewelry suits people with this face shape.

earrings for oval face shape
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The specialty of this face shape is that you can wear any kind of structural earring like a triangle, rectangle, circle, square, etc. Long and teardrop earrings balance your face outline. pearls, statement earrings, and structural earrings are streamlined and make broaden your facial outline.

Avoid mistakes: As I told you above, women with oval faces can wear earrings of any kind, but here too you have to avoid mistakes.  The mistake is that you should not wear long earrings because long earrings can make your face look a bit taller. Then what will happen is that your face will not look so good.

3. heart face shape: If your face is like a heart, your forehead will be wider than your cheekbone and your chin will be pointed. All these characteristics show that your face is like a heart.

heart face shape

Earrings for heart face: For the heart face shape, we have to wear earrings that can add width or volume to our Chin area.

Dangling earrings are the best choice for a heart face. Because these earrings are thinner from the top and round from the bottom. They easily reduce the angle from the chin area and make your face even rounder.

earrings for heart face shape
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Chandelier earrings and teardrop earrings are the perfect choices for a heart face. Because they also do great work for this shape and also create an illusion to reduce the angle from the chin area.

Avoid mistakes: Avoid slim drop earrings for heart kind of face shape. because slim drop earrings are made attention to your chin area. They don’t reduce the angle from the chin area. as a result of this your face not looking good.

4. Diamond face shape: A diamond face shape is also an ideal face shape like an oval face shape. In this face shape, your cheekbone is wider than your chin and forehead. If your face has these types of features, then you have a diamond-shaped face.

diamond face shape

Earrings for diamond face: All kinds of stylish earrings suit well on this face shape. you should wear long earrings, studs, dangles, and diamond chandelier earrings.

earrings for diamond face shape
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For this face shape, we have to wear earrings that are not more round than the bottom so that more width cannot be added to our face. This face shape is also narrow from the chin area like the heart face shape, so we need to add volume in the chin line.

Avoid mistakes: Avoid rounder earrings at the bottom and those earrings which have a short length. these types of earrings are not looking good on a diamond-shaped face. 

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5. Square face shape: In this face shape, the width of your cheekbones and forehead will be the same as the width of your chin. If your face has these kinds of facial features, then you have a square-shaped face.

square face shape

Earrings for a square face: If your facial structure is square then you need to add some roundness to this face. For this type of face, you have to choose earrings that are slightly longer and also round from the bottom.

earrings for square face shape
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Such earrings will give roundness to your straight jawline. These rings will help to destroy the straight structure of your chin line.

Long hoop earrings, drop earrings, long tassel earrings, and dangle earrings, oval-shaped earrings are the best choices for the square-shaped face. These earrings look stunning on you and also help to destroy angles from your facial structure.

Avoid mistakes: Avoid wearing triangle-shaped and square-shaped earrings or any other structural earrings because these types of earrings add width to your chin line. also, avoid wide chandelier earrings.

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6. Inverted triangle face shape: In this face shape, the widest part of the face is the forehead and narrows at the jawline to an edgy chin. If you have this type of facial structure then your face shape is an inverted triangle.

inverted triangle face shape

Earrings for inverted triangle face: To balance this type of face shape, choose earrings that create an illusion to reduce the angle from your chin.

earrings for inverted triangle face shape
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Chandelier and teardrop earrings suit well on this type of face shape. These earrings look beautiful on the face and add volume to the pointy chin.

Avoid mistakes: Avoid triangle shape earrings or slim teardrop earrings for this face shape.

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7. Long face shape: In this type of face shape, your face width is narrow than the length of your face. if you have these types of facial features then your face shape is long.

long face shape

Earrings for long face: In that case, you should wear small studs, dangle earrings, hoops, and clustered earrings. these earrings help to emphasize your face width and add roundness to your chin line.

These earrings are the best choice for long-face ladies.

earrings for long face shape
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These earrings help to create an illusion to show your face even more rounder. these earrings look elegant and help you to attract more attention. All kinds of studs, large stone earrings, and large button earrings are also looking beautiful in a long face shape.

Avoid mistakes: Avoid wearing extra-long and thin earrings because they can add length to your face and your face does not look good. Avoid structural earrings like angles, triangles, rectangles, or any other structural earrings.

Finally, I hope you enjoy my article “7 mistakes in stylish earrings that make you look dumb”. I wish you enjoy these tips to style earrings in a proper way.  As I have told you in my post that you should wear earrings only according to your face shape.

If you like my fashion blog post then tell me in the comment section which earrings you like very much and what is your face shape. We value your opinion! Thank you for reading!

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