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15 different simple hairstyles for everyday |new hairstyles for girls

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Hi, dear ladies, today m gonna show you different type of quick, easy and simple hairstyle for everyday life that will help to save your time and make your look so pretty with fewer efforts. And the most common problem I’ve seen from my experience is that we don’t know what hairstyle will look good on our dress-up.

Western and Indian hairstyles Both are carried by Indian girls, so they are confused about what type of hairstyle is easy to do according to their dress-up and looking beautiful.

best simple hairstyle for girls

That’s why today I have come up with different types of super easy and simple hairstyles for all types of dress up i.e western and Indian wear.

First of all, we talk about the simple super easy hairstyle that will help to save you priceless time and make your look enchanting.

  • Simple hairstyles for short hair

1. Textured pixie simple hairstyle

Textured pixie simple hairstyle for girls
Image credit- Instagram

It is a perfect hairstyle for a massy look. If you want to carry jeans and a t-shirt or jumpsuit then this hairstyle is the perfect match for those types of outfits.

2.Smooth side Pixie hairstyle for women

Smooth side Pixie hairstyle for women
Image credit- Instagram

If you are a lover of wearing shirts, tee, and love tomboy look, then this side pixie hairstyle is perfect for you. this hairstyle is one of the super easy hairstyles, you just need to go saloon and get this hair cut, smoothen your hair and your look is ready.

I love this type of short haircuts and hairstyles because they need a one-time investment and save our time and effort for a month.

3.Side parting Bob hairstyle with a modern twist

Side parting Bob hairstyle with modern twist

It is the best hairstyle for square shape faces and the perfect hairstyle for those who love side-parting hairstyles. I personally found this hairstyle very cute, you can carry it with a western look as well as many Indian outfits.

4.Sassy bob hairstyle for girls 2021

Sassy bob hairstyle for girls 2021
Image credit- Instagram

This loving bold and chic bob hairstyle looks amazing on all of your western outfits and is perfect for your office wear. it is the best way to style your short hair and look gorgeous.

5.Colored wavy short hair hairstyle 2021

Colored wavy short hair hairstyle 2021
Image credit- Instagram

This is the best fun hairstyle for artists, singers, and actors. Trendy wavy short hair hairstyles are ideal for girls with bold eyes and such haircuts or hairdo helps to emphasize your facial features.

  • Medium length hairstyles for girls

6.Golden brown messy hairstyle

Golden brown messy hairstyle
Image credit- Instagram

This pretty hairstyle looking cool on routine wear as well as occasional will help to create a lighter look for beachy parties and grab the attention of millions of eyes.

7.High ponytail open hairdo

High ponytail open hairdo
Image credit- Instagram

This pretty hairstyle is a super easy and good-looking hairstyle. you can opt for this hairstyle with all types of tee and looking so impressive with high-waisted pants and crop tops. you can also create a beachy look with this hairdo by wearing beachwear and resort wear.

8.Messy waves with blue splits

Hairstyles for Indian outfits for girls
Image credit- Instagram

It is a fun hairstyle, to add more volume and bounce to your hair. this hairstyle is the most loved hairstyle for all types of outfits. you can carry this outstanding look everywhere, where you want to create your own signature strength by cool looking hairdo.

you can easily style up this hairstyle by adding some hair accessories to look more attractive. you can opt for this hairstyle if you are looking for an easy and effortless hairdo.

9.Middle partition glam hairstyle

Middle partition glam hairstyle
Image credit- Instagram

This glamourous hairstyle is the perfect choice for everyday hairstyles. you can add some highlights to make it super is one of the best hairstyles for a simple and easy everyday look. soft curls add more beauty to this pretty and embellished hairstyle.

10.Twisted hairstyle with braided crown

Twisted hairstyle with braided crown
Image credit- Instagram

This is a perfect hairstyle for wedding guests and other occasions. its twisted bride looks so attractive and beautiful from the back. you can opt for hair accessories to make it more attractive and eye-catchy.

11. Ashy Blonde Hairstyle

Blondes are much more fun, don’t hesitate to let your roots grow up; the progressive transfer from dark to light hair helps the blonde seem natural.

12. High ponytail

high ponytail

I will be the first to confess that it’s a sort of cop-out haircut just as much as I adore a ponytail. Sure, they are ideal for running commands or “going to the gym” (always running leggings), but it’s a battle to put up a ponytail hairstyle that looks genuinely combined.

13.Stylish French braid

stylish french braid

Braids, especially on your worst hair days, are a really simple method to tame your strands. Brush it so it’s knots-free, then French roots braid to ends. The best thing is that you may sport natural waves on the following day if you apply a tiny bit of product or you twist your hair when it is somewhat damp.

14. Short blonde & Fringe haircut

Short blonde Frindge haircut

These pretty hairstyles are the best option for time shortage Because they take less work and style, short haircuts are fantastic. Add a rib or undercut to your short-form like Katy Perry for a variation on a conventional pixie cut.

15.Fashionable Angular Bob hairstyle

Fashionable Angular Bob hairstyle

Don’t be scared to cut it off! Don’t be scared! Young people are supposed to be filled with new experiences and adventures. Continuing your way might make it difficult to manage your hairstyle, but a cornering bob offers a wonderful way to save time on your mirror.

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