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13 Fall/winter 2021/2022 Color Trends For Women From New York Fashion Week-Do You Know?

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 Hello friends, how are you??? I hope you all are well.

We are all excited about the new year, so what are you doing in this new year for fashion. I have come up with a very different topic today, in which I will tell you about the fall/winter color trends.

Yes, color trends, so I hope you have heard about color trends before, if you have never heard about this before, I will tell you about the color trends in this article in detail.

It is very important to know about fashion trends, but more important than that, which trend is going on in Colors.

Whatever your dress is, if you wear it in trending colors then it will definitely make you stand out from the crowd and bring it to the public as a different fashion inspiration.

There is a color institute called Pantone which announces its Color of the Year every year. It announces Color of the Year in the first week of December.

Pantone institute forecasting color trends for fashion, beauty, home & interiors, and it institute takes a color decision at the international level. it is known as Pantone color institute in the world.

Pantone color of the year is classic blue(1940-52).

we rounded up a list of 13 Autumn/winter 2020-2021 color trends from Pantone institute which will help you look trendy or fashionable in new year’s outfits.

1.Samba(19-1662 tx)

Samba(19-1662 tx)

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This color is one of the most vibrant colors. In simple language, it is red in color.

We know that for every occasion, party, festive red color is the most loved color. accordingly PCI, red color is one of the trendy colors for this, dear ladies, you can go for red color outfits and introduce your stunning look with this sweet red color.

2.Classic blue (1940-52)

Classic blue (1940-52)

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Basically, it is the blue color in simple words. this color is inspired by sky. rock in 2021 with this color by wearing formal and classic outfits. I love this color so much and you can mix and match it with vibrant color and look glamorous, super chic on this new year.

3.Green-sheen (13-0648)

Green-sheen (13-0648)

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This color in simple language is known as yellowish-green color. this vibrant and optimistic shade works very well with neutral colors like white, black, and gray. these combinations give an outstanding look to your outfits.

4.Ultramarine green (18-5338) 

Ultramarine green (18-5338)

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This shade is amazing and the perfect color choice for this new year. It is simply known as bluish-green. The color is so perfect for winter outfits, parties and when you wear it with a combination of yellow, orange, dark blue, white then your outfit looks outstanding, loving. In the fashion world, this color is known for the style and elegance of outfits.

5.peach nougat (14-1220)

peach nougat (14-1220)

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Peach nougat is a feminine and delicate color having a warm feeling of care and friendship. in simple language, it is known as pastel orange color and combine it with rose tan, military, and neutral colors. this is the perfect color for day or night events and this color mostly seen in silk, polyester, and linen is winter loved the color, you can go for it too reflects your style and light up your coldest day with fashion my inspiration.

6.Rose tan (16-1511)

Rose tan (16-1511)

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 Rose tan color is also known as dusty pink color and more natural describes the seriousness, elegance, and romanticism of the is suitable for all occasions, night to day parties and especially for evening create unique and stylish looks on this new year combine this dusty pink color with navy, green and red.

7.Sandstone (16-1328)

Sandstone (16-1328)
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 Sandstone is a muted and neutral earthy color shade which rocks your outfit with a combination of sky, black and white color.

8.Fired brick (19-1337)

Fired brick (19-1337)

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In simple language, this loving color is reddish-brown. its combination with pink, dark brown, blue-purple, and green is really is one of the best trendy colors for fall/winter 2020-2021outfits.

9.Magneta purple (19-2428)

Magneta purple (19-2428)
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This deep and floral shade is easily taking attention and emphasizes your uniqueness from the crowd. dark blue, grey, black pink, white, yellow colors are great combinations of this color.

it is the most loving color for everyday outfits, parties, and the best option to look like a fashion model. it is a winter-loving and amazing color to rock 2021.

Autumn/winter 2020-2021 classics

10.Sleet (16-3916)

Sleet (16-3916)
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 This color is basically a gray shade and most loving winter outfit color and it is a trendy shade for fashionable outfits. The most popular color combinations with this gray color are pink, indigo, and yellow. it is the best color choice for office outfits,everyday outfits and evening dress too.

pink and light grey pairing is considered a classic combination already.

11.Almond oil (12-0713)

Almond oil (12-0713)
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 Almond oil color is an off-white shade and makes your outfit elegant, loving, and stylish.

12.Military olive (19-0622)

Military olive (19-0622)
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 Winter/autumn loving this green shade is a very well combination of earthy neutral colors. this versatile color highlights your outfit with the pairing of complementary violets and red. for a neutral look, you can also combine it with light grays and navy color.

13.Blue Depths (19-3940)

Blue Depths (19-3940)
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Blue depths generally a navy blue color which belongs to an almost black shade. the most popular colors combine with blue depths are white, orange, golden, light grey, etc.

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