7 Yoga Poses to Help Scoliosis Patients

#1 Parsvottanasana Benefits: This exercise is a great stretch for your spine and hips. It helps restore balance and posture.

#2 Marjariasana

Benefits: This is a relaxing exercise that gives your back a great stretch and loosens it out to offer greater mobility instantly.

Tip 1

Benefits: This exercise relieves stiffness and stress, promotes blood circulation in the abdominal region, and increases spinal mobility.

#3 Janu Sirsasana

#4 Adho Mukha Svanasana

Benefits: Through the stretch caused to your hamstring and calves, you will find the back also loosen up and feel more mobile.

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#5 Dhanurasana

Benefits: Apart from strengthening several parts of the legs, this pose also helps in building mobility and flexibility of the back and spine.

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#6 Anjaneyasana

Benefits: Among the yoga for spine mobility asanas, this is most effective in lengthening and freeing the spine, opening it up for greater mobility.

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