Yamaha MT-15 V 2.0: Real World Performance Explained for the Everyday Rider

Yamaha is known for unadulterated performance motorcycles

the Japanese bikemaker recently launched the MT-15 V2.0 in India.

The bike features a bunch of updates over its predecessors and is certainly better, but can we quantify its improvements?

There is a lack of strong low-end grunt, persisting up until 5500rpm.

That said, it is much more tractable and can carry lower speeds in higher gears,

which makes it better to get through city traffic as it doesn’t struggle even at speeds as low as 24kmph in the sixth gear at 2000rpm.

Even in the roll on acceleration, the MT-15 V2.0 performs pretty well, but it’s not as quick as the previous version.

But it does manage to be quicker than the R15 V4 in roll-ons.