Yamaha Motorcycles And Scooters May 2022 Price List

Another day and another price hike. This time, pretty much the entire range of Yamaha’s motorcycles and scooters have become more expensive.

While the price increment isn’t too steep on an average, this is the second time the Japanese marque’s two-wheelers have gotten costlier since April 2022.

The margin of the hike across Yamaha’s motorcycle range varies from Rs 600 to Rs 2,600,

its scooters have witnessed a price increment between Rs 800 and Rs 1,800.

Over the years, Yamaha has managed to create a wide portfolio of affordable yet premium products for the entry-level buyer.

Every model has an exciting and thrilling variant commanding a premium and ....

you also get a pocket-friendly iteration of the same, so no one feels left out!

A prime example is the Yamaha R15 and its many variants