A look at 10 of TIME magazine's 50 World’s Greatest Places in 2022

Time magazine has come out with the 50 World's Greatest Places 2022.

Marseilles | The second largest city in France, Marseilles is fast becoming one of southern Europe’s leading cultural destinations, with the June opening of the Cosquer Méditerranée.

Thessaloniki | The second most populous metropolis in Greece, Thessaloniki has long attracted foodies,

Istanbul | Turkey’s most magical city, Istanbul, is experiencing a renaissance of its own

Ilulissat | Tourism and sustainability have historically had a difficult relationship. Greenland is looking to change that with a new attraction that focuses on this delicate balance, exploring the impacts of climate change.

Jamaica | This year is the 60th anniversary of Jamaica’s independence from the UK, and the country is marking the occasion with a year of cultural events,

Fremantle | After nearly 700 days of pandemic shutdown, the Australian port city of Fremantle is bustling with food and drink openings.

Toronto | The capital of Ontario, Toronto is a multi­dimensional, forward-­thinking, diverse city which is experiencing a growth spurt, thanks to a slate of new hotel openings, including W Toronto