10 Ways to Keep Pets Safe During a Natural Disaster

fter the soaring temperatures, the monsoon has provided much-needed relief.

The perfect weather calls for fun walks outside. Along with us, the furry pets can hit the roads outside minus the scorching Sun.

There are many things to be taken into consideration during the rainy season.

– After the walk, pet them dry to make sure that all the moisture is absorbed by

– Keep the fur clean and infection-free. You can watch out for ticks.

– A walk outdoors means your pet’s paw is exposed to different microbes which if not taken care of, can lead to infection. Make sure you clean their paws and muddy backsplash, with warm water.

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– Heavy downpour outside means your pet might miss out on their walks. Make sure you provide exercise at home or keep them busy. The monotonous rains can make them bored and grumpy. Keep them engaged with their favourite toys.

– It is important to keep a check on their diet during this time. Switch to light food which is full of nutrients for them. Consult with a vet before making the switch.