7 Tips For Building SEO & UX-Minded Navigation For Our Top Pages

1. Analyze Google Analytics User Flow

Within your Google Analytics profile, navigate to Users Flow within the Audience segment. Initially, we want to see what the common user pathways are on the site.

2. Investigate Internal Site Search

This helps you understand what links and content they expect from your site, and what content they didn’t find in your main navigation.

3. Visualize User Interaction With A Heat Map

4. Teach Users What To Expect With Anchor Text

5. Find Your Top Linked Pages

6. Mind Your SEO Basics

While anchor text does cover the on-page keyword relevancy needs of SEO, the primary main navigation SEO must-haves are rooted in technical considerations.

What to look for:

7. Check What’s Ranking And What’s Not

A good first step is to create keyword buckets based on what composes your main navigation as well as your entire family of offerings.

To Link Or Not To Link

pay attention in future months to improvements not only in conversion metrics and SEO rankings but in website user behavior metrics.