This Tesla Model 3 Taxi Looks Unlike Anything You've Ever Seen

The Tesla Model 3 taxi comes with a 22-inch touchscreen tablet for rear passengers as well

The uber-cool Tesla Model Y has joined the fleet of Gravity’s yellow taxis in New York City.

Sustainable mobility and electric vehicle infrastructure company Gravity Inc has added Tesla Model Y vehicles to its fleet.

The company already has the Ford Mustang Mach-E crossover vehicles in its fleet.

Now the addition of the sporty Model Y will surely further the appeal of Gravity.

Model Y has been renovated in Gravity’s signature Rally Yellow paint, and the car is equipped with a panoramic roof which provides a spectacular ride experience.

Passengers in the rear seat can adjust climate controls, take selfies, listen to music, and watch videos via a bespoke 22-inch tablet.

It shows how versatile the 650cc cafe racer is, allowing creative enthusiasts to make impressive modded machines out of it.