Aries:   Tarot Card: King of Cups You are going to be particularly sensitive and emotional this week, Aries. You shall carry the burden of doubts on your mind. You maybe anticipating many responsibilities being entrusted to you and will question your capability to manage them.

Taurus: Tarot Card: Two of Cups This week the focus is going to be on matters of love. If a partner has been in and out of your life, it is time for you to take the lead and have a conversation around it. There maybe some adjustments required in this area.

Gemini: Tarot Card: King of Pentacles Finances have featured strongly for Geminis in the past few weeks and it shall continue to be so for a select few this week too. You will be stable, grounded and channeling leadership skills.

Cancer: Tarot Card: Nine of Cups This energy literally indicates wish fulfilment! You are moving away from troubles towards calmer, more peaceful days. There are many changes happening in your life currently and it maybe overwhelming.

Leo: Tarot Card: King of Cups This is a highly intuitive, sensitive and emotional week. Your intuition is going to guide you in the direction of fulfilling your dreams. It is important that you move slowly but surely.

Virgo: Tarot Card: Four of Cups This period asks you to collaborate and work with others. You maybe disinterested in some options and opportunities presented to you. Do not get impatient and wait for the right time to get exactly what’s on your mind.

Libra: Tarot Card: The Hermit There maybe a new opportunity in love. However, you may want progress slowly and steadily in romantic relationships. Existing relationships will improve. Your work environment may need you to be courageous, bold and take quick decisions this week.

Scorpio: Tarot Card: The Hermit You may want to cling onto old patterns and habits. It is never easy for a fixed sign like Scorpio to get out of their comfort zone. However, there is much change coming into the picture this week due to the full moon and lunar eclipse that was in your sign.

Sagittarius: Tarot Card: Page of Cups This is going to be a highly creative, intuitive and emotional week for you Saggis. It will be an exciting and passionate time for love and romance. The powerful eclipse energy will push you to see the big picture and be open to infinite possibilities in your life.