Understanding the Link Between Sleeping Position and Personality

According to sleep psychologist experts, your sleeping position may offer insight into your traits and personality.

On your back: If you sleep on your back, then you are likely to wake fully recharged and you love being the centre of attention.

You love the company of like-minded people, and you have a strong personality. You have high expectations from yourself and others.

You love your me-time a lot. You work meticulously to achieve your goals.

On your sides: According to a report in Jagran Josh, if you sleep on your sides then you are calm, reliable, easy-going and a social butterfly.

That smile on your face helps you during hardships. However, if you sleep with your arms stretched out then chances are you are a little suspicious of others.

Fetal position: If you curl up like a baby while sleeping, then that means you seek comfort and protection in your life.

According to the TOI report, if you sleep in a fetal position then you may be a gullible person who is really sensitive but tries to portray a tougher exterior.

On your stomach: If you love sleeping on your stomach then it means you are a strong-willed individual who is not averse to taking risks and loves to solve problems.

You love sleeping and you need your 8 hours of sleep to stay energetic and recharged. You may be mistaken as a rude or cold person at times.