10 Early Signs Of Becoming Enlightened

Examples of Awakened People – Russell Brand, who seems to model a strange contradiction of constantly questioning and striving for more knowledge with bathroom humor.

– Jim Carrey, whose comedic genius helped him to see through the illusion of celebrity and detach from any need for fame.

The first step in growth is always the awareness of the present moment followed by an impulse to change something.

2. Feeling a Sense of Connection

– You have a connection to the planet. This may come as a realization that littering, using plastics, or wasting food is no longer an acceptable personal practice.

3. Letting Go of Attachment


Think about your true self as your pulse. Over the years, you take on beliefs or descriptions about yourself based on what your parents, your friends, the media, and even science tells you. Look at each belief as a veil.

Think of inner peace as being unflappable. It doesn’t mean that things don’t go wrong in your life, it just means that when things do go badly, you aren’t on an emotional roller coaster of anger, frustration, or despair.


5. Increasing Your Intuition


If thoughts, objects, and individuals all have energy, spiritually awoken human beings seem more apt to connect with this energy on a regular basis.