Saturn – which is considered as the planet for action and reward in astrology - will turn retrograde on June 5.

Aries: This will bring career progression; hence it is a favourable time to plan a job change.

Taurus: You can hear some good news related to career and a job change is around the corner. If you are involved in partnership business, then you are advised to be a little careful.

Gemini: A long-distance travel is likely which will bring gains. A pending promotion is likely to come through.

Cancer: You need to be watchful in all respects. Your spouse’s health can cause concern, hence adequate supervision is required. Even you are prone to minor injuries, hence stay cautious while driving or travelling.

Leo: Safeguard your reputation at this time as someone in the workplace can let you down. Don’t boast about your achievements and behave nicely. You will be successful in work associated with foreign land.

Virgo: Have patience and keep your focus as there may be some hiccups in ongoing projects. Nonetheless, career will remain stable and additional responsibilities could be provided to you.

Libra: You need to work towards maintaining family harmony. There can be differences among family members over some issue which can create a disturbance.

Scorpio: At times, you can feel less energetic to work towards your goals. You need to motivate yourself by recharging your thoughts. Avoid temperamental issues and keep your calm.