The Galaxy S20+ Display Issue Is Actually Quite Common

Samsung service centers are advising users to replace the screen. The Galaxy S20+ screen replacement costs Rs 15,000.

Samsung’s Galaxy S20+ is showing vertical lines on its display for many users in India, online reports have suggested.

Several users of the smartphone have taken to social media to post complaints about the Samsung Galaxy S20+ display, and people have reported the issue on Samsung’s Community Forums as well.

The issue seems to be limited to a certain number of Samsung Galaxy S20+ users and many believe it is happening due to the latest One UI update.

According to user reports on Twitter, the display of the Samsung Galaxy S20+ has started showing pink or green vertical lines, without any signs of physical damage.

In some cases, the users were advised to get a new screen by their local repair shops.

The price for a genuine Samsung screen replacement for Galaxy S20+ costs Rs 15,500, which is enough money to buy another budget mid-range Android smartphone.

The Samsung Galaxy S20+ is selling for about Rs 55,000 in India currently.