5 Simple Ways to Reducing Stress And Anxiety

Quality of sleep is as important as quantity of sleep. 

Don’t perform any other activity in bed other than sleeping as brain associates it as a place of activity and turns on the active mode.

2. The Role of control When you try to focus on what is not in our control such as how people respond to you or other’s values, we end feeling helpless, anxious and stressed.

The easier tactic is to focus on what is in your control such as your own thoughts, your reactions and your values as it makes us feel empowered and more relaxed.

3. Prioritise Learn to make effective use of your time by using delegation and negotiation skills in a positive way.

Avoid excessive future work and prioritize your work by assigning them to given four categories- ‘Important and urget’, Important but not urgent’, Not important but urgent’ or ‘Not Important and Not urgent.’

It takes few minutes to start your day with this planning activity but sorts out your entire day.

4. Be ‘Mindful’ and not ‘Mind-full’

We often tend to be very critical about our thoughts and actions or even our surrounding and let everything influence us. This makes us very vulnerable to become stressed out and also keeps us anxious.