5 Simple Tips To Reduce Bloating And Water Retention Fast (Without Drugs)

Here are some tools and tips by Nutritionist and Chef Ishti Saluja for beating the bloat and finding relief from your digestive symptoms:

Yoga while sitting on a chair: (pawanmuktasana): While sitting on a chair, keep your back straight. Bring one knee towards your chest and hold it there for a few seconds.

Repeat with the other knee. Do this about 5 times. This speeds up peristalsis and releases the excess air in your digestive tract.

1. Go for a walk: Either in the house or even better – outside! A short walk about 30 minutes after a meal can help ease bloating.

Ginger: Chew a piece of ginger when you’re bloated.

This helps release certain digestive enzymes that help break down food faster, easing bloating, cramping and heartburn.

In order to reduce bloating, pay attention to how you eat your meals. Slow down, chew well and make sure you’re not distracted while you eat.

Control your stress levels. Eating while you’re stressed increases cortisol (stress hormone) levels.