Planet Transits April 2022: Know About Your Zodiac Sign's Shifts & Effects On You

April month planetary transit 2022: In April 2022, along with the shadow planets, all the planets will change the zodiac in which the zodiac changes of Saturn and Jupiter are very important.

In such a situation, astrologers believe that there will be a big reversal. Many wonderful coincidences are also being made due to this change of planets.

Come let us know which planet will transit in which zodiac and what will be its effect on the country and the world. 9 planets change zodiac signs in April: Astrology

1. Moon: This planet changes its zodiac every one and a half days.

2. Sun: After transiting in Pisces from 15th March, the planet Sun leaves its high on 14th April 2022, Thursday.

The zodiac will transit in Aries. 3. Mars: On 7th April, Mars will leave Capricorn and will transit in Aquarius, where it will remain till 17th May.

4. Mercury: On April 8, Mercury will transit from Pisces to Aries, where it will remain till April 25, 2022.

5. Venus: The planet Venus will enter Capricorn at this time and Aquarius on March 31. After this, it will leave Aquarius and enter Pisces on 27th April 2022.