Does your smartphone get hot too? In summer this problem gets worse. You have to take care of some things so that the temperature of your phone does not increase too much.

This problem gets worse in summer. This problem can be solved quite easily.

Smartphone usage has increased a lot in the last few years. But, many users also complain about the heating of the phone.

a slight heating of the electronic device is considered normal. But, in case of overheating, you have to follow some tips.

Keep an eye on the brightness: To keep the phone temperature low, you have to first optimize the brightness of your screen.

Close or uninstall non-essential apps: If too many apps are present in the phone, then your phone may get hot because many apps keep working in the background and use up the processor.

Reduce gaming Nowadays many people also use the phone to play games. Playing heavy games in mid-range and low budget smartphones makes the phone hot.

Keep in mind while charging: The phone gets hot even if it is charged incorrectly. If your phone also gets very hot while charging, then you need to use a good quality charger.

Apart from this, if your phone is not updated to the latest version, then update it.