Chanakya Niti: These 3 types of people are like snakes, make distance from them

Living with them is like death: According to the Chanakya policy, if someone's wife is wicked, a friend is a liar, a servant is a crook, a person should not live with them.

He has described them as snakes and said that the residence with the snake is like death.

Money accumulation required for problems: Acharya Chanakya points out that human beings should accumulate money to deal with the difficulties that come.

He should also protect the wife by sacrificing wealth. Don't think of the distress of a wealthy person?

Don't stay in such a place: The Chanakya policy says, "Do not live in a place where you have no respect.

Where you cannot earn employment, where you have no friends and where you cannot get any knowledge."

Place in such a place: Acharya Chanakya says that there should be a place where these five people must be there.

Be a wealthy person, a Brahmin who is proficient in the Vedic scriptures, a king, a river and a physician.

Take these people's exams: The Chanakya policy says that the servant should be tempted when he is not performing the duty, test the relatives when you are in trouble

If you also want to become a person with money, then always understand the importance of hard work.

4. Accept Challenges There is some risk hidden in every work, so do not be afraid of it. If your work is right according to religion then you accept the challenges.

Such a person who is afraid of challenges never gets the grace of Lakshmi ji.