Strawberry is a great fruit to get the glow on the face. This fruit has so many benefits like it whitens the teeth.

It also helps to lighten the skin tone etc. The skin whitening properties of strawberries is because of the ellagic acid present in them.

Papaya is by far a very essential and vital fruit which has so many beauty benefits. This fruit is good for glowing skin.

Papaya has the enzyme papain which makes the skin glow. It also makes the skin smoother by removing the outer rough skin.

Banana is great fruit for glowing skin. It is a very good remedy to add glow on the dry skin.

This fruit is gentle and has skin nourishing ingredients and vitamins which will helps to make the skin supple and glowing.

Apples have the skin lightening potential but the citric acid in apple will also helps to makes the skin glow.

Take an apple slice and mash it well. Apply that on the face and leave for 20 minutes wash off.

This homemade treatment will not only add a glow on the face but gradually will remove the marks.

Grapes are good for mature skin and grape essence is used for the anti aging benefits.

Grapes has Alpha Hydroxy acids which will maintain the youthfulness of the aging skin.

Citric acids tend to eliminate the roughness and dead skin from the face and body.

Thus regular use of orange juice will make the skin softer, smoother and free of dead skin. When such things are not there then skin looks glowing automatically.