Motorcycle Enthusiast - Isle of Man TT Lap on a Fireblade with John McGuinness

Legendary Isle Of Man TT rider John McGuinness will start his 100th Isle Of Man race within the next 10 days as the 2022 Isle Of Man TT kicks off.

Ahead of the actual 2022 race, organisers have released footage of the 23-time TT winner on one of his practice laps.

The Isle Of Man in the United Kingdom is hallowed ground for motorcycle racing enthusiasts

This is because the island hosts one of the greatest shows of speed in the world - the Isle Of Man TT.

Apart from being one of the oldest in the world, it is one of the most entertaining races in the world.

The racing takes place on the one big road that goes around the island and one lap of the island currently measures 60.72 kilometres.

The Isle Of Man TT is considered one of the most dangerous races on the planet with 151 rider fatalities between 1907 and 2019.

Among all of these riders, John McGuinness stands out as one of the most experienced riders.