Mercedes Has A New Rival In 2022 Mercedes C-Class

One of the problems of having a successful elder sibling is that you are always expected to follow in their footsteps

when Mercedes-Benz calls the C-Class a ‘smaller’ S-Class, they have my attention.

Mercedes has set a new benchmark not just for itself but also for its rivals by offering a blend of style

New C-Class does look like a photocopy of the S-Class reduced to 75% of its original size.

you get a good-looking sedan with excellent proportions.

it looks rather similar to that of the S, and if viewed from afar, most people will be hard-pressed to distinguish it from the S.

At launch, the C-Class will be offered in three trim variants – the C 200 petrol, C 220d diesel, and C 300d.

The engine is turbocharged, and there is also a 48V hybrid system integrated between the engine and the gearbox.