Here's How New York's largest LGBTQ sports organization builds queer community through volleyball

– Founded in 1981, Gotham Volleyball is the largest LGBTQ sports organization in New York City.

– It aims to foster queer community through the camaraderie built around sports.

Eight years ago, Brandon Gillis attended New York City's Pride March and was surprised to see volleyballs flying through the air.

Members of Gotham Volleyball, New York's largest LGBTQ sports organization, proudly displayed their banner as they walked the parade route.

Gillis, who played on his high school's volleyball team, was intrigued. He signed up for tryouts the following weekend.

He's since played in international tournaments and currently volunteers as a coach.

Founded in 1981, Gotham began as a small group of people playing together in Central Park.

In the 41 years since, it's grown to include more than 1,000 members.