How To Make Your Home Vastu Compliant For Good Luck And Prosperity

According to Vastu shastra of home decor, the positive zone is supposed to be kept light as compared to the negative zone.

The experts of Vastu Shastra suggest that the Pooja place must be arranged either in the North, Northeast, or Eastern direction of the building.

According to Vastu shastra of home décor, one must use dark-coloured curtains like grey, red, or black for the living room whereas light-coloured curtains for the bedroom.

By matching them with the furniture, one can use dark and heavy curtains in the negative zone of your house.

You must not use the wrong curtains in the wrong zone as it can attract problems and diseases in your family.

Material of the curtains need to be selected perfectly as per Vastu of home décor so that proper mental health and peace of mind can be maintained.

The colour of the rooms is often designed today as per the liking of the occupants in the house.

According to Vastu shastra of home decor, one must be cautious around a mirror as it can lead to misery and losses.