7 Makeup Tips To Make Eyes Look Bigger & Attractive

there are so many makeup tips that can help to make the eyes look a bit bigger. 

Proper eye makeup application will help you to make eyes appear wider and large.

Here’s today, we will share easy eye makeup tips to help get bigger eyes.

# White Kohl to make eyes look bigger A kohl in white color is an easy and excellent way to make the eye pop and help look them bigger.

# Eyeshadow Apply a light wash of shimmery light eye shadow like pale gold, light pink etc can give an illusion of bigger eyes.

# Black Eyeshadow and Eyeliner Apply some black powder eye shadow on the roots of the eye lashes and then apply the liner. 

Eyeliner drawn out in a slight wing make the eyes look bigger and beautiful.

# Smudging Trick to make eyes look bigger

Smudge the kohl on the waterline since applying the kohl on the waterline makes the eyes look smaller whereas smudging the kohl with a small angled brush just below the waterline.

# Eye lash curlers When the eyelashes are curled they open up the eyes and this makes the eyes look bigger, wider and open.

# Mascara After using the eyelash curler to curl the eyelashes, mascara should be the next step. 

# Under eye area Dark circles can also make the eyes look sunken and dull hence apply a concealer and set with a powder to create the bright under eye area.

A good skincare routine is one of the best ways to make sure your makeup looks smooth and stays on all day.

This makeup trick will compliment the eye makeup in a way that the brightness of the under eye area will make the eyes look bigger.

Mascara makes the eyelashes bigger and thicker which makes the eyes look bigger.