Because of the Covid pandemic and lockdown, most of us are working from home, and our time spent on digital screens has increased.

You spend almost the entire day staring at your laptop or computer screen. The situation is similar for adults and children who are not working but are watching TV or using social media.

Because of the increase in digital screen time, your eyes are under more strain than usual.

There are some things you should do to keep your two most valuable assets (your eyes) safe and secure.

Keep laptop/computer at proper distance

Adjust your screen position and brightness

Try to work in natural light

Take regular breaks

Practice Eye Exercises

Don't forget to blink

Ensure proper lighting

Stay hydrated

Get an eye test

Regular eye examinations are essential for maintaining good eye health at work.

Unless advised otherwise by an optician or a health professional, schedule one every two years.

An optometrist or ophthalmologist can detect eye problems before they rob you of your vision.