5 eye make up tips to make you stand out

Graphic liners In their daily makeup routines, most people opt for a classic winged eyeliner.

Even though graphic liners have just lately become fashionable, they are sure to make you stand out.

A smokey eye can be achieved in a variety of methods, including blending the eyeshadow only at the end or all over the eyelid.

This look essentially draws attention to and accentuates your eyes, making them the most crucial feature of the complete makeup look.

Multicolor Using brightly coloured eyeliners, such as blue, purple, or white, can give your makeup a distinct look.

Colors like pink, orange, and yellow can be used in bright eyeshadow combinations. If you want to accentuate your eyes while keeping them light, this is a terrific option.

Glitters are the easiest way to amp up any makeup look without putting in a lot of effort or thinking.

Stickers like graphic liners, are a relatively new trend. Many makeup firms, such as Simi haze beauty, have recently released makeup stickers.