Elon Musk replies to spoof article on Tesla cars forcefully driving people to work: 'My diabolical plans'

Many social media users thought it to be true as Elon Musk also dropped a sarcastic comment on the parody article claiming that Tesla cars will drive people to work against their will.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has already declared an end to work-from-home asking his staff to return to the office full time.

Then Musk said he would have to slash 10% of the workforce because of the current situation of the US economy.

Later, however, he retracted his workforce-related statement and said the company's total workforce will rise in the coming year.

While all these indicate that a lot is happening in Tesla while Musk is in the middle of a Twitter deal, a spoof article claimed Tesla employees' cars will now drive them to work against their will.

"My diabolical plan is coming together!" Elon Musk replied and the tweet went viral in no time, as many social media users are not sure whether it's true or just a joke.

The article is a spoof article published by The Babylon Bee, a satire website which only publishes satire articles.

The parody article imagined a mail from Elon Musk to its employees stating that their vehicle will automatically install a software update and will drive to the workspace for an 8-14-hour work day.