What Causes E-Vehicle to Catch Fire?

Some have blamed the fires on a combination of rising temperatures in our cities and the EV battery’s weak thermal management technology.

Several incidences of electric vehicles, notably electric scooters, catching fire have been reported in recent months.

In one of the terrible occurrences, a father and daughter perished in Tamil Nadu when their electric scooter caught fire

and suffocated them inside their home.

Aside from that, there have been a number of fires involving Okinawa and Ola Electric scooters.

Such accidents are a big source of concern for the EV industry’s stakeholders and their customers.

Extremely hot weather and faulty battery thermal management systems can reduce performance and limit battery life, but they do not cause fires.

Several Li-ion battery manufacturers assure that they turn off automatically at 45-55 degrees Celsius. 

It’s impossible for the ambient heat and the heat generated by batteries to induce a spike of a few hundred degrees Celsius if these safety precautions aren’t built-in into the car.