# Over Cleansing Over cleaning dries the skin and skin also gets irritated.

When oily skin gets over dried then the sebaceous glands secrete more oils to lubricate it and then you know what happens. Your skin gets oilier.

# Wrong Exfoliators/ Scrubs We all know that exfoliating with scrubbers will make the skin smoother and glowing. That is true but it is also important to know which scrubber you are using.

The granules in the scrubs should be small in size as they will thoroughly clean the skin without causing any problem while you should avoid the scrubs that have got very bid granules

# Picking Pimples We all have done this bad beauty habit of popping pimples.

We get this deep desire to pop or prick the ugly pimple sitting on our face but this should be stopped immediately as pricking or touching the pimples irritates them and the skin gets permanent scarring which for sure none of us wants.

Be calm and use acne /pimple cream or homemade face packs for pimples or acne to heal them faster.

# Less Sleep Our lifestyle have changed in the recent times.

Stress, overwork or constantly on the internet, like you’re are doing just now has changed our lifestyle where we tend to sleep less.

So, make sure that you sleep for at least 7-8 hours for a beautiful complexion and no dark circles. Yaay!

# Ignoring Sunscreen sunscreens are important but still we will casually ignore them but that is a very bad beauty habit which can cost us a lot.

Gel sunscreen will also help to control the skin oils for a lot longer and skin stays matte.