Best Ways to Earn Income During a Crypto Market Crash

Step 1. Short-selling crypto during a bear market

If you believe a cryptocurrency like Bitcoin is likely to crash in the near future, you can make money by short-selling (or shorting) the currency.

For example, you borrowed $1,000 worth of Bitcoin when it had a price of $30,000 just last week and sell it for $1,000 worth of stablecoins.

Today with the Bitcoin price at $22,000 you buy up the same amount of Bitcoin you borrowed (around BTC 0.033) for just $726 and make a $274 profit.

Short-selling during the crypto crash can also be done through futures markets, binary options trading, prediction markets, contract for differences (CFD), inverse exchange-traded products and more.

2. BUSD rewards from EverGrow Coin EverGrow Coin aims to be the number 1 crypto for passive income generation.

Since launching in September last year, it has paid more than $37 million to its investor base.

So how does EverGrow Coin work?

EverGrow Coin charges a 14% transaction tax with 8% redistributed every few hours in the Binance-pegged USD stablecoin.

This is because both buy and sell orders must pay the 14% transaction to cash in or cash out of EverGrow Coin.

For example, today EverGrow Coin is down 28% in price. But with daily trading volume up well over 50% to break past $1 million this means at least $80,000 will trickle into the digital wallets of anyone holding EverGrow Coin today.

The transaction tax is infinitely scalable and – depending on the size of your EverGrow Coin holding – can see you earn thousands of BUSD when daily trading volume is high.